Recipe Ideas for a VERY Restricted Diet

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Help! I have various health issues that require me to stay away from certain things. There’s not much I can or want to eat. The only animal flesh I can have is wild caught salmon and organic chicken breast. I can’t have lots of green leafy vegetables. No flour, no white sugar, no canola or olive oil, onions, mushrooms or tomatoes.

The tomato is the hardest. So many yummy recipes have tomato as a base. Can anyone recommend recipes or a website that would help? Thanks.


One depressed eater :(:'(

*EDIT* I also can't have soy or dairy. I can however have almond yogurt, milk & cheese. :smile:


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    Perhaps you should consult your medical professional for diet and nutrition suggestions, esp if you have so many medically necessary restrictions on what you "can" eat...
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    I am a little confused about why you can only have one lean meat protein and one fatty fish. I understand ruling out shellfish but limiting to two very specific and common items seems odd.

    It has to do with digestion. Other proteins would be difficult for my system to break down.
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    Have your dr refer you to a dietician if you can. Your needs are complicated.
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    Another vote for using the Ingredients feature on
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    You need a consultation with a dietician. I'd recommend taking a quality multivitamin (with their approval), and perhaps a nutritional drink like boost or breeze.
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    My son had a weird list of restrictions to try and avoid known migraine triggers. It included tomatoes, MSG, and old cheese which pretty well eliminated any prepared foods.

    I became practiced at reading labels.

    I learned to make my own sauces.

    Here are alternatives you can eat:

    green leafy vegetables> all the orange, root and starchy vegetables

    flour > cornstarch for thickening

    white sugar > skip the sugars or use Stevia

    no canola or olive oil > corn, safflower oil

    onions [is it the whole family? If not...] > garlic, chives, shallot

    mushrooms > just skip it or replace with corn

    tomatoes > squash/pumpkin purée

    You also still have all the fruits, whole grains and beans/legumes. Unless this was somehow missed by whomever came up with this tortuous list.

    It seems to me you could make a great coconut curry with your allowed ingredients. Stir fries are also in the running. Substitute where necessary.

    For instance this recipe only has one disallowed ingredient. Simply sub the olive oil for an allowed oil.
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    @jgnatca Thanks a million for the great ideas! The recipe looks amazing! Can't wait to try it this wknd.
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    Oh! Yes. Look up coconut flour recipes. Those were a lifesaver! They use a lot of eggs/fluids, but there are some really good coconut flour recipes!

    Grape seed oil works well as a general replacement for oil. Can you do ghee (clarified butter)?
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    Google through "whole 30" and "paleo" recipes. A lot of those could be adapted to your food restrictions. Good luck!
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    simply boil potatoes and eat it - And stir fry the vegetables you can eat with chicken stock and olive oil. Simple and yummy! For sugar - strawberry & frozen berry whey protein shake.