Best keep busy activities?

Hey guys! I've really been eating out of boredom lately especially while watching TV and at work whet n the day slows down! I'm a receptionist so I'm already sitting most of the day but seem to not be able to say no to unhealthy snacks! I know I'll regret eating that cupcake later but I can't stop! Anyone have any tips for working in an office and avoiding all the office snacks?


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    You just have to want results more than you want the unhealthy snacks.

    If it helps, make a rule that you can have so many snacks each day. Bring your own healthy stuff. Don't eat whatever is available if it doesn't meet your definition of "healthy".

    OR decide "x" snack is worth it but "y & z" are not. I've done that in the past. Cake? No thanks. Cookies? Nah. Fresh warm donuts? Love them, so I'll have one with coffee, as long as it's not happening frequently...maybe once a month, then absolutely I'll say yes to a donut.

    Another possible option is to decide on having ZERO snacks while working (that's what I do unless I have some legitimate reason to be hungrier than normal and lower on calories). This might sound weird, and I know for me it stems from my working retail jobs when I was much younger...but some people consider it unprofessional or rude to eat at your desk. I'm not a receptionist but I do work in an office and take phone calls and I'd be mortified to answer the phone with food in my mouth. It's just more professional to limit eating to break times, and a lot of people say it's beneficial as well to be more mindful about your eating rather than just snacking from boredom.

    At home, I usually have a little something sweet after dinner for "dessert" and then I floss & brush my teeth by around 7 pm and consider the kitchen closed for the evening. My husband goes in for a snack around 9 pm most nights and to be honest I don't even consider it because I've already done my dental hygiene stuff. I'll just drink water after that.

    Just another note...but I have noticed when I post in threads like "what we're eating daily" a few people think my food sounds kind of heavy or filling compared to what some people on here are eating. I don't have a super high calorie goal (around 1400 most days) but I do think for me it works best to have a small breakfast and then larger, more filling lunch & dinner. I'm not saying NEVER snack. Some people prefer to have many smaller snack-like meals. Maybe that's for you? But I do think others (like me) just prefer filling meals so we're not as tempted to keep snacking during the day or when bored watching TV.
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    To help me stop wishing for the goodies colleagues bring to work, I imagine that someone has just sneezed all over them. :D
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    Make sure you stock your desk with pleanty of healthy options. I make sure to bring nuts, cucumbers, carrots, and hard boiled eggs on Monday morning. That way I have stuff for the whole week.
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    Discipline; there is no magic bullet.
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    I keep healthier options at my desk and when someone brings something in that's homemade I tell myself I can have a taste if I still want it after eating my own snack. Most of the time I forget about it and sometimes I have a taste.
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    If you want long term success you really have to work on your self discipline and habits. There are no tricks or short cuts that will sustain you through time.

    Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can't. Other people bring food into the office. Decide not to put it into your mouth. At the end of the day, that's all it's really about.

    Good luck.
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    Try pre logging your day and allow x calories for an unplanned snack. Then stick to it.
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    I don't know if it'll help with work, but I've found that it's really helpful to pick up a handicraft like knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, etc, can help keep my hands busy at night while watching TV.

    THIS! I have just started crocheting and it has helped. I put on a podcast and before I know it an hour has passed and I just want to keep going :smile:
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    Definitely a pattern here...
    You just have to want results more than you want the unhealthy snacks.
    Discipline; there is no magic bullet.
    If you want long term success you really have to work on your self discipline and habits. There are no tricks or short cuts that will sustain you through time.
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    stick to it.

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    I am a receptionist as well. I bring my own snacks! String cheese, carrots, a pre portioned bag of chips... anything I can snack on and not feel guilty about. It is SO hard to resist the cupcakes but knowing I have something else to snack on really helps.