Dirty Thirties

Looking for more friends in their 30's. We're not quite so young and invincible anymore, metabolism is slowing down a little bit. We have intense careers/ little kids, big mortgages etc. and we're trying to get it together. It's a challenging and different stage of life. I lose my keys and sometimes my mind a bit, but I need to lose the weight. Would love some support to do it! Happy to support you too! Add me and each other.


  • MostlyWater
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    What makes your thirties, dirty?
  • Crochetmama84
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    34, mom of 2, 4'11" and over 60 lbs to lose.
    Anemic and high cholesterol. Graying to change my levels for the better. Taking it one day at a time.
  • sardelsa
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    What makes your thirties, dirty?

    Yea I don't get this term either :/
  • Add me if you like!
  • jonathanthewlis
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    It’s hard work! My kid brother is 20 and works out with me......does my head in how quickly he sees results
  • Mahayogi_Das
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    33, looking for more friends.
  • jodiann_xo
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    30 years old, & a Mom. - looking for MFP friends :) 219 lbs, 5'6 & looking to lose 60 lbs.
  • elizabethmcopeland
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    i'll be 31 this summer. i've slowly (over 4 years) lost 25 lbs. slowly looking to lose another 5 this year, maybe another 5 next :)

    I like lifting weights and doing fun cardio like kayaking and racquetball (hence the very slow weightloss LOL), i'm only a parent to two corgis.

    feel free to add me, i'm on every day, diary is open.
  • 23rochelle23
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    Hi - I’m 31, work ridiculous hours including lots of night shifts, travel a lot (for fun) and looking to lose another 16.5kg (lost 3.5 over last few weeks)
    Gymming pretty much daily with a friend for last few weeks (weights primarily due to the kind of work I do and also cause I hate cardio
  • Nikki_1130
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    What makes your thirties, dirty?

    Ya know, dirty thirty, naughty forty, nifty fifty etc
  • dawnmharrop
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    Hello everyone.... Starting my healthy living again for the *&^&** time. LOL Starting a new job on Monday and starting a new routine. More time to work out and no leaving for lunch so packing healthy options
  • summerresolution
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    I wish I was back in my 30s
  • Cassandraw3
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    I will be 30 in 2 months. Does that count? Feel free to add me. I'm 5'4", still have another 15 lbs to lose, enjoy crossfit, and have a love/hate relationship with running. Working on keeping my eating habits in check and keeping up with my wild 2.5 year old.
  • Lutielu
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    Here here
  • Misty_1375
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    I wish I was back in my 30s

    Same here
  • Stockholm_Andy
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    What makes your thirties, dirty?

    It rhymes. Like Naughty Forties, Filthy Fifties and Segway Sixites.
  • Muscle_for_Fitness
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    My 30's have been almost as dirty as my 20's except with less mud
  • safetysteve12
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    Hey everyone, my name is Tim, 32 and really wanting to stay in some semblance of health! I am 215, 6"1 and would like to get back down to 195. Add me as a friend! I could use the motivating support!