Stories and advice from people that have lost over 100 pounds

Looking to hear from people that have successfully lost over 100 pounds. Share your story and offer any words of wisdom to those of us looking to lose 100+


  • Tom8519
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    I started at 265 and after a year im down to 147. I got started by doing keto and alot of cardio. Now i just keep track of my calorie intake and try not to eat junk.
  • jonesite
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    This is a great post, I have only started my journey, but I hope to be there with you down the road. Thanks for your insight and tips.
  • Cutemesoon
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    To quote @VUA21

    "5. You will probably lose friends. It's sad, but when some people no longer want to hang out with you because you're "getting too skinny" it's a real eye opener: you were the "fat friend" and were only a "friend" so that they feel better about themselves."
    I lost 100lbs & This totally happened to me. Just focus on urself and ur happiness. Often times people get jealous because ur forcing them to look at their own faults. Good luck on your journey!

    PS-I agree with all of VUA21's points. They're spot on.
  • whosshe
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    Keep at it. I have just lost a little over 100lbs (like 101lbs lol) but the biggest thing I can say is keep at it. It gets tough, you will slip, you will fall, but as long as you remain consistent it will happen. You do not need to kill yourself working out (unless that's for you then all the power to you ). Follow your calories and even if you're over for the day, as long as you're under maintenance calories you are still heading in the right direction.

    Being 22 and being obese was not the life I wanted to live. It is so possible to lose 100lbs.