Can I see your before/after pics ladies who've lost 100+?



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    This is a 101lb difference. I never kept many 230lb full body pictures and if I did my face was contorted in such a way to make me look "thinner" ... I notice now it didn't really work very well lol

    100+lbs is a lot of weight to lose that's for sure but so totally doable.

    When I first started losing weight my daughter was 5 too. I understand the want and need to be able to keep up with them. I did not start at 300lbs like you asked but I just want you to know that it's so possible.

    As to the peanut butter, powdered peanut butters are actually pretty good and 1/4 of the calories. PB2 is the name and it's gluten free as well :smile: . It doesn't taste identical but you learn to make sacrifices lol

    Yes....feel the same about PB2 and many other foods too. You sacrifice for what you want even more. Your picture tells that story....beautiful!!!
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    I’m down almost 90 lbs. I’d like to lose another 15-25 lbs but I’m also happy where I am. Good luck!

    You look great! And so does the man in your pics ;) I have 90 pounds to go, looks like it can be done!