sexy thick or sexy thin?

Dfrostbytefl Posts: 2 Member
How do you prefer the women you date?


  • bdgfn
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    Sexy curvy, for sure! Not too thick, not too thin,
  • AliNouveau
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    bdgfn wrote: »
    Sexy curvy, for sure! Not too thick, not too thin,

    So just right?
  • Jay_d2020
    Jay_d2020 Posts: 2,924 Member
    I prefer thick but that’s not to say thin is unattractive by any means
  • garibbalfy
    garibbalfy Posts: 334 Member
    curvy ...thick
  • WaiakeWanderer_x
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  • Jetrail
    Jetrail Posts: 205 Member
    Thick for sure
  • Muscle_for_Fitness
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    Obviously everyone's preference is different. If I had to choose between only thick or thin, I would choose thin but a fuller story would be athletic, fit with curves.
  • cfgreear
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    I would have to say sexy thin and athletic. Thats what I married, thats what im attracted to at first glance. My wife is a filipina and naturally has that body type.
  • Chewbac7777
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