In Search of Manly Snacks



  • Seffell
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    Just bigger portions. My partner and my son can't be satisfied by the amount I eat. That's just normal. (They are not overweight)
  • DancingMoosie
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    My husband eats whatever I cook for dinner, but he loves bacon and buttered bread, so he adds those. He also likes trail mix and peanut butter, so those are good snacks. Sometimes he'll make a simple milkshake by pouring whole milk over a cup of ice cream for dessert.
  • nutmegoreo
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    RAinWA wrote: »
    Peanut butter. (Is that manly?)

    My husband is substantially larger than I am and needs a lot more calories than I do. We eat the same things mostly but he gets much larger portions and I add extra cheese, bread, butter, etc. to his (he can't cook).

    Well, that explains my chest hair :angry:
  • doittoitgirl
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    When I'm prepping meals for my husband and I every week, we eat the same meals. I just give him almost twice as much as I do. He is in charge of his own snacks and I'm in charge of mine. So he has a tendency to pack more peanut butter, full fat yogurt, trail mix type things because they are higher in cals. I give myself more fruit and vegetables to keep my cals low.
  • toxikon
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    I'm at around 1500 calories and my husband is around 2300 calories too. I always cook our meals in large batches for leftovers (at least 6 servings). I have 1 serving for dinner, he has 2. He also has more snacks throughout the day like instant oatmeal, nuts, yogurt, etc.
  • h1udd
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    I do all the cooking in my house, when I dish dinner up for my wife and myself we get the same sized portions ... a plate of food.

    I need way more calories than she does, if I am still hungry afterwards I'll eat something else ... if she is still hungry afterwards she will eat something else
  • stanmann571
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    It's all been said but,

    1. Bigger portions. 4 meatballs instead of 2 or 3, etc
    2. Trail mix, Nuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts. Note: Almonds, Cashews, and Peanuts are technically not nuts, hence their inclusion separately. makes a variety of interesting snack mixes. They're pricy, but some of the treats are fairly unique. And their Southern heat mix is VERY Manly.
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    I eat bigger portions than my wife. I also eat a bigger breakfast and lunch which I make myself...and I also decide on my snacks. My snacks are different than her snacks...I don't let my wife tell me what to snack on.
  • TonyB0588
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    So I'm a female, who cooks for two. I am looking for some good snacks or SOMETHING that I can use to bump up the calories for my husband.

    It's hard enough to cook every day, and having two very different calorie intakes makes it even more difficult. I am at 1500 daily calories, and he is at around 2300. How can I supplement his diet without making it too difficult?

    I wouldn't push the idea of snacking to make up the difference. You can continue having the same meals, with him taking larger portions. The reverse solution would be to cook generally higher calorie meals to satisfy him, and you take smaller portions.