I need to lose 30 lbs.

Hi, My name is Anthony and I'm new and looking for friends. I ran into a NSNG diet, that means no sugar and no grains, and it also says no potatoes and no chili beans, this is hard for me to adapt to but the biggest problem I have with it, is it says, exercise doesn't matter and doesn't help you lose weight...i disagree with that....if anyone has anything to say about that....


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    Hello and welcome to MFP. Add me if you like. I too am a mature person with some weight to lose
  • bandb678
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    Not sure what kind of diet that is but strongly disagree on the exercise thing and any diet that restricts a certain kind of food
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    I just lost 30+lbs in 2 months w/o exercising and lower carb not no carb
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    Eat foods you like that make you feel good physically, and mentally. Avoid foods that are off, make you feel sick or disagree with you. Protein and fats are important for health - aim for 0.8g per lb of body weight for protein and 0.35-0.45g per lb for fats as minimums.

    To lose weight avoid eating more calories than your body needs. Stay in a deficit consistently - don't be overly restrictive with calories or food choices.

    Exercise for health and fitness. Do what you enjoy, but I would recommend incorporating some sort of resistance training to help you maintain muscle as you lose weight.