What counts as “water”?

Years ago, “they” used to say that you should drink a certain number of cups/Oz a day of pure water (i.e. coffee, tea, pop, etc don’t count). Is that still the conventional wisdom? Do you count “other” beverages toward your water intake?


  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Anything with fluid in it, including foods.

  • CSARdiver
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    Our bodies have adapted to a remarkable level and self regulate rather well to suit today's demands. Hydration typically only becomes a concern with physical activity. The suggestion of drinking 8 cups of water/day have little to no scientific foundation.

    I have established a simple routine around this. I drink 16 oz of water ~30 mins prior to meals as a means to manage hunger and stay hydrated. I also exercise ~60 mins/day and just ensure my urine is clear to straw colored.
  • doittoitgirl
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    I count tea, lacroix, and mix in powders as water. I don't drink them as my sole source of hydration. But if I'm getting tired of plain ol water I'll spice it up a little with some flavor. I never get dehydrated that way.
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    I count water as water & say if I drink a Gatorade I log that under a snack just because it has 140 calories. And regardless if I drink or eat something with a calorie, a calorie is a calorie.