Workout gear for plus size..

Hello! I want to find some workout clothes to help control my "foopa". I'm not able to jog or run without my "stomachs" clapping together. I searched the forums and found a compression tank that may help, but I need suggestions on bottoms. I just wanna run around with my kid and kick the soccer ball around without holding my stomach.. :-/


  • anonuser369
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    Do you have Academy where you live? They carry good plus size gear.
  • TheOnyxStar
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    All my workout gear is Lane Bryant. It doesn't necessarily hold everything in but they have cute stuff and I feel good when I wear it.

    Depending on your confidence level I'd suggest yoga pants (with thicker fabric). I don't wear them often but when I do, my legs looks bomb.

    Good luck!
  • amykay9377
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    You're going to want to find any bottoms that have the word "compression" in them. They are the Spanx of the fitness world. Cheap $10 yoga pants from Walmart isn't going to do it (no hate for Walmart, I rock a lot of other stuff from there!). I have good luck with Xersion from JCP. They come in leggings or capris length and are high-waisted enough that my "Foopa" as you call it doesn't' spill over, even when running.

    If you don't mind dropping $70-80 on a piece of workout clothing, I highly suggest looking into SparkleSkirts. They are skirts that have long shorts built into them (no chub rub!) and tame my foopa nicely (again, with a high waist). The best benefit is that they are cute as hell, and have two leg pockets as well as a 12" wide waist pocket. I've run half-marathons with these things and I don't need any extra belts or armbands to hold stuff. It would be a great option for you to look Mommy-tastic, not look like you're wearing athletic clothes, and still have the compression you need for your tummy.
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    Target C4 Compression gear is solid. Especially if you're just looking for stability and motion control. So is the Wal Mart starter gear, but again like Amy said. you need compression/fitness gear not yoga pants.
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    Thanks yall! I do have an Academy near me but I didn't realize they had plus size things in store. I'll definitely check out SparkleSkirts cause the name itself makes me smile. LOL
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    Don't do Old Navy! Their "compression" leggings always fall down off my "foopa".
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    Maybe try Addition Elle?
  • VUA21
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    I know Target carries "compression" running pants for women in XS through XXXL (not sure about anything bigger). If you can swing a bit more, Nike makes Plus Size running tights as well, and yes they are made to hold in the foopa.
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    Target sells several styles to 4x on line. I like their brand and it has held up well.
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    I’m in Australia and like the brand running bare. Not cheap but they do plus sizes that hold everything in! Nothing than having to pull your pants up over your guts 1/2 way through an exercise
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    What size do you wear? Im a L/XL and the stomach bounces around as well as flabby thighs. I like old navy leggings. I also like jcp xersion, which I love because it goes 70% off on clearence
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    I second the suggestion to look at Sparkleskirts. I am a 56 year old old lady and I live in these skirts in the summer.

    I have run 6 half marathons (at 250 #) and can tell you they keep the jiggly stuff in place.
  • tiffaniewinchester
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    Fabletics also has nice leggings/capris. Your first month, a lot of times they have a leggings sale 2/$24