Pic of what I have lost in pounds



  • calebespnsmommie
    calebespnsmommie Posts: 111 Member
    Thats awesome!! Congrats!!
  • sarah307
    sarah307 Posts: 1,363 Member
    great idea!! i am going to find a picture of something that weighs the same as how much i have lost! congrats by the way! that is amazing!
  • pen2u
    pen2u Posts: 224 Member
    Congratulations on your hard work paying off! That scooter pic (as well as Oprah's famous wagon o' lard a few years ago) really puts it all in perspective. Thanks for sharing the image, I needed it today.
  • kriswigg
    kriswigg Posts: 95
    ..lol too bad my hubby says he dont notice yet... :-(

    Is he looking, cause 30 lbs. should be enough to notice!
  • Primrose1960
    Primrose1960 Posts: 55 Member
    Well done!
  • stevenleagle
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    I like
  • marujita
    marujita Posts: 53
    Inspirational! Congrats to you!