Lose 5lbs + in June 2018



  • saltypickle
    saltypickle Posts: 307 Member
    Original weight: 165
    June goal weight: 144.5
    Aug. final goal weight: 138

    01: 149.5
    08: 148.5

    Total loss: 1.0 lbs.
    I’m going to the gym more often eating more salads for dinner. However, haven’t mastered consistency.
  • tramaine_21
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    edited June 2018
    Feeling better about myself lately....Since I've been back on the keto diet (for now). Our recent grocery shopping trip was pretty epic, and I was able to get a lot of foods that cater to the Keto diet. So, while I have the opportunity to eat better--I will! So far, I feel lighter, less access salt in my body, excess water weight is decreasing etc...

    Still not weighing myself until mid-July, but I'm not in a rush. So, I'm going to stick with my diet as long as I am financially able to. So far so good...

    Keep pushin'!!
  • beamsplit
    beamsplit Posts: 27 Member
    I'm very late but enjoyed the May challenge and will jump in now and see what I can achieve for June! Was happy to be able to maintain (+/-) over a holiday, and even happier to find how excited I am to get back on track.

    Keep at it, everyone!


    Original starting weight - 64.5kg (03/18)
    June starting weight - 58.9kg
    June goal - 57kg
    Ultimate goal - 55kg

    June 09 - 59.1kg
    June 16 -
    June 23 -
    June 30 -

    Total loss for June - 0kg
  • Ann_1807
    Ann_1807 Posts: 4 Member

    Original starting weight (20th of May): 183 lbs
    June starting weight: 176.5 lbs
    June goal: 170
    Ultimate goal: 126

    2nd June:176.5
    9th June:174
    16th June:
    23rd June:
    30th June:
  • linsr1
    linsr1 Posts: 9 Member
    Not great this week... too many celebrations but I'm back on track now
    Original starting weight - 79.5kg (175.2)
    June starting weight - 75.5kg (166.4)
    June goal - 73.5kg (162)
    Ultimate goal - 68kg (149.9)

    (weigh on Sunday's)
    June 3rd -75.5kg / 166.4
    June 10th - 75.2 / 165.7
    June 17th -
    June 24th -
    June 30th -