Getting old is hard

Turning 44 and recently Started a new job gained 15lbs because shock im happy in my job! But now I feel gross because I have gained weight. Need tips on how to lose weight. I walk about 6-10 miles a day but nothing is coming off help!!!


  • itscarriehampton
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    just turned 42 and i tell you what, it ALLLLLL comes down to diet. Living that hard truth right now
  • LosinIt54
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    Tell me about it. I’m 63 and have dropped 60 lbs since Feb of this year. It’s all basic math....nothing rocket scientist-ish....Ya gotta burn more calories than you take in....I know, easier said than done but this app helps it all make sense. As Yogi Berra said “Half of this is 90% mental...”
  • como_agua
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    old is a state of mind and i'm 56. track what you eat, get a scale to weigh ALL the food you eat,and make tracking part of your day to day life. it's the only way i would have lost the weight i did.
  • kommodevaran
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    Old. I'm 47 :s

    You don't need tips on how to lose weight. Either you don't know how weight is lost - but I doubt it: eat less, move more - or you know, but you're not willing to do what it takes, for real, and consistently, or for long enough, or you're expecting too much, too soon. How to eat less and move more, is something you need to figure out for yourself. Logging intake is a good tool if you use it correctly.
  • bandb678
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    Turning 62 in a few weeks and it really does come down to calories in vs. Calories burned. If I gave up wine I might be thin as hell. Add me is you wish
  • tcaley4
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    It’s better than the alternative!!!
  • chrissietiny
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    I'm 42 and loading weight this time is hard. I lost 110 of pounds when I was 34 and it was much easier.