Late Night Binges....Can you help?

I do fantastic on my diet all day (when I am busy). Then late at night when I finally settle in for a little TV I suddenly get over-the-top hungry and binge on absolutely everything I can think of. I snack, I even get up and cook. Any suggestions or ideas to help me. This self-sabotage is what is keeping me from all of my goals and my good health. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • onedayatatime101
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    I so needed to see this everyone I have the same problem and feel horrible for eating so much at night I have GOT to do something I am the most I have EVER weighed in my life
  • emmamcgarity
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    The only other suggestion I have is to start a hobby that will keep you preoccupied at night. Knitting or crochet will keep your hands busy and eating would mean getting the yarn dirty. Sketching or painting might be good too.
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    I skip breakfast so I can eat more at night.
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    I keep water with me at all times in the evening when I feel like munching I drink my water. Or as Imgritz said eat a high protein snack this will fill you up better and keep you from binges!
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    Count how many food commercials you are seeing. It's a whole trigger in itself! Sports commercials are the worst! I've decided it's a subliminal thing. It has (for me) nothing to do with hunger. I never snacked in front of the TV because of hunger. It's just a bad habit. I knit in the evenings to keep my hands busy. I have an exercise bike to pedal as well. (I am seriously thinking of hooking it up to power the TV so that I have to pedal to watch it.) Wouldn't it be nice to develop a habit of bicycling while watching TV instead?
  • lisabinco
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    I so needed to see this everyone I have the same problem and feel horrible for eating so much at night I have GOT to do something I am the most I have EVER weighed in my life
    You sound just like me. I stepped on the scale 3 weeks ago after several months of fooling myself, and realized I had to stop this nonsense. I have cut my TV watching back because I want to break that habit of feeding my face while watching TV. I'm considering putting the workout equipment in front of the TV and moving our big comfy chairs over to a window reading area instead. I just haven't got hubby on board with it yet.
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    I usually drink water, or read a book, or the daunting task of washing my hair and blow drying and ironing it lol it takes like an hour for me to do my hair so by the time I am done the urge is gone. or jumping jacks until the urge passes.
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    I do not binge at night but i like to have snacks at night. I pretty much eat very small mini meals during the day so that I have the calories to have snacks at night. Every night I have greek yogurt with a banana mixed in and protein powder, air popped popcorn, and whatever dessert I have the calories. Recently I have also been having a serving of lower calorie ice cream. Although my snacks are probably about 500-500 calories, depending on what I eat I look forward to them. It works for me because I figure them into my daily calories. When my snacks are gone, I am done and I feel satiated.
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    I like to plan to have dinner and then a snack later that night, a small one (usually home made popcorn or a protein bar)... but it makes me feel better to have it. Once I am done with the snack I brush my teeth and floss, which keeps me from eating more!
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    A lot of terrific ideas which I plan on using. I use a DVR so I don't watch food commercials. But I can get in some reading time to keep my hands busy. Drink water. Plan a snack which fits into my calories and macros for the day. I also like the brush and floss idea. I appreciate all the great help.
  • Xerogs
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    The TV/snack habit...I know it well. I still find myself going to the fridge on my way back the restroom or to get something to drink. So when I go to get a drink I make sure its something like hibiscus tea and I verbally say I think I've had enough food today. It sounds weird but just saying it sometimes gets me out of the mindless eating routine that seems to come along with TV. If I am still hungry I try to eat something with fiber and protein and stay away from the junk food as much as possible. Sometimes a portion of macadamia nuts or almonds will work but I try to stay within my calorie goals and try not to eat anything after 7-7:30pm. I know I mistake hunger for dehydration so I try to keep water or unsweetened non-caffeinated tea on hand. Habits can be broken, replace bad food options for better ones or just tell yourself you've had enough and stick to it. Also cutting back on TV helps. I don't snack nor have hunger pangs if I am busy in my art studio, even if the TV is on in the background.
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    Make sure you're not undereating during the day, starting with breakfast through dinner. I have a truck driver brekkie, a normal lunch and dinner. Try switching it all UP. Whatever your routine is now, flip the switch.

    I've tried so many things, eating through the afternoon eat-all-the-things feeding window until bedtime did not work for me. Eating 3 meals aday starting in the morning, somehow snackity lost its appeal. Experiment, give yourself permission to do so. Find a way that works for you, you're in charge.
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    I have the same problem! I know I'm not hungry at night, but TV is a trigger for me. It's like something comes over me and even though I know I shouldn't, I'm like "YOLO" and go crazy. I always feel horrible afterward. It feels like an addiction in a way. I even get shaky when I'm trying to resist. I have tried water, pre-planned snacks, healthy snacks only, etc. but I always give in and binge. I have tried eating more during the day too, but then I still binge and feel even worse about myself afterward. I don't have any answers for you, just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone! Hopefully we can figure it out.
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    TV is a trickery trigger in the evenings. So get out of the house when snackity starts creeping UP on you. You have to flip the switch. Shut the TV off and get out of there. Go for a drive with your dog, both of you sing along with the radio. Take the dog for a walk. Go visit someone else's dog or kids. Anything. We have to replace old habits with new ones. Not distractions but new habits. Distracting ourselves only works temporarily. Get the Big Kahuna trigger foods out of the house if you're living alone or ask your family to take them to their own hideout in the house. One day, you won't care about the Big Kahunas either.
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    I have the same problem too. So now if I am watching TV I am knitting something. It's hard to snack when you are working on a hat on dpn.
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    Start off with not having that stuff in the house- can't binge if it's not there!
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    I try not to snack during the day so that I can save those calories for night time snacking. I usually stick to fruits or on the rare occasion a granola bar. It hasn’t hindered my weight loss at all.