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Hypnosis and weight loss - does it work?

reginakarl Posts: 68 Member
I use guided meditation at night to fall asleep and while searching for one, I saw ones for weight loss.

I believe in cico and when I accurately report on MFP, I lose weight.

What are your thoughts on YouTube hypnosis videos that claim to help you lose weight?
Woo? Harmless, free suggestions? Devious plot to turn listeners into chickens with a single word cue? ;)


  • Diatonic12
    Diatonic12 Posts: 32,344 Member
    edited June 2018
    What do you think? That's more important. If guided meditations help you fall asleep and you're not quacking like a duck in the grocery store - you choose, you decide. I listen to sports talk radio when I can't sleep and that's probably more woo than your GM's.
  • CSARdiver
    CSARdiver Posts: 6,256 Member
    Like anything I think this is a potential tool, which in the right hands can be implemented successfully to help a transition from "bad" to "good" habits.

    I'm doubting that this has any impact, as I have no objective information to suggest otherwise.
  • laur357
    laur357 Posts: 896 Member
    I can see potential benefits, but not in the like-magic way most people think of hypnosis. Starting a "self-hypnosis" regimen might guide you through addressing behaviors that contribute to being overweight, help you internalize or work through solutions, and regularly remind you of your goals and habits.

    Mindfulness practice, journaling, seeking a weight-loss support group that matches your approach - these kinds of tools are usually seen as beneficial for losing and maintaining weight, and self or guided hypnosis sessions are probably going to help in similar ways. It's not a magical brain switch, just a method to build awareness and change habits as mentioned above.
  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    VUA21 wrote: »
    No. That's not how hypnosis works. (Psych major here). 1. Under hypnosis, you will not preform actions that you would normal avoid without hypnosis. 2. Hypnosis effects wear off within a minute of "waking".

    Also, the success rates for quitting smoking with hypnosis are equal to that of using a placebo. I could not find any peer-reviewed studies that have been independently confirmed and published through legitimate sources on weight loss and hypnosis.

    Results from hypnosis are psychosomatic.

    Or maybe you were hypnotized into believing that.