Apple Watch running apps

Suggestions? Any good apps out there that track tempo, speed, and hill run rep paces?


  • capaul42
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  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    Strava way overestimates calorie burn IMO. I find the Nike+ running app the most accurate re: calorie burn.
  • anderson_btb
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    Yeah you like?
  • anderson_btb
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    I’m more interested in pace time and speed splits than calorie. But thanks
  • Cassandraw3
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    I recently started using strava and I like it. It does track pace time and speed splits. I have a few runner friends that really like runkeeper, but I have not tried it yet.
  • cookster82
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    I second Nike+ app, and while I don't use it for speed splits, I do believe it has that function.