Phetermine weight loss prescription

I started on phetermine 5 days ago and have lost 8lbs so far. Who else has use this medicine? What is your tricks and tips to loosing your weight?


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    Caused me to have neurological issues that brought about migraines. Had to get off it.
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    I started taking it on April 29th. The first week was great. I wasn't hungry at all and had to force myself to eat 1200 calories. I did not exercise this week at all, I just gave my body a chance to get used to the medicine. The only side affect I experienced was dry mouth. My mouth was so dry that I started drinking water as it was the only thing that would help. I was only drinking coke ( a severe addiction ) so dropping that cold turkey and switching to water was amazing. I dropped 7 pounds. The second week I noticed that I could eat without feeling so full. I also started incorporating some 1-hour walks about 3 days a week.Then I stopped taking them the third week because I had a sinus infection and didn't want to mix phentermine with the OTC drugs I was taking. When I got back on them in the fourth week, I noticed they didn't do much and I didn't feel any different so I thought I'd stop taking them and see if I noticed a change. I continued my walks and counting my calories with MFP and even though my calories increased (average of 1500 a day) I was still losing. I started T25 at week #5 and three weeks later I'm still losing and haven't taken the drug. That's a total of 16 pounds in 7 weeks, only three of which were on Phentermine.

    A lot of people said they experienced headaches, troubles sleeping, neurological problems and having extra energy but I didn't experience any other side affect other than dry mouth during the first week which ended up unlocking a key to my weightloss success in that I've completely replaced coke with water. I don't think I would have done it without phentermine. Otherwise I would have continued to drink and tell myself it was ok as long as I included it in my calorie count. So for me, it was great because I used it as a jumpstart and that worked for me. I still have some pills that I haven't taken that I might use for special events when I know I won't be as in control of my diet like usual for holidays and things like that to help curb overeating or for when I hit a plateau I might take one. But I can say that phentermine was the best thing I've done. I think too, it was a mental thing. When I knew I was taking the pill, I was excited because I knew I would see results. Because I saw results, I stayed on track with calorie counting because I knew that I had the pill helping me. When I saw that I could do it without the pill, it's kept me motivated to continue. And I know it can work so having them as a safety net helps keep me going.
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    I also have experience dry mouth with this medicine. I end up drinking a lot of water and unsweetened ice tea. Sugarless chewing gum is a life saver when my mouth gets really dry.
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    My doctor prescribed them to me many years ago. I had been taking them for a week when my boss kindly explained to me that I was as jittery as a cat on a hot tin roof with the energy of the energiser bunny. Then she asked me what drugs I was taking as she suspected I was using speed lol. Oops
    I think at the time I didn’t utilise them correctly as I gained the weight back and a little extra as well.
    They work wonders as a jumpstart and I reckon they might help to motivate with exercise as well.
    Drink plenty of water and start weighing and logging your foods and counting your calories. This way when you’ve finished the set course prescribed by your gp, you should be right to continue with the logging and should hopefully continue to lose weight :smiley:
    Good luck op!!!!
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    Hi there! I used it for 6 weeks, starting in January. Dry mouth, which encouraged the very positive habit of drinking a gallon of water daily, constipation, and evening heart palpitations. I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and have lost 31 pounds since - I’m down 61 pounds in 6 months.

    I have gained and lost the same 40 pounds a dozen times (I’m 36 years old). I’ve done every food and exercise combo that you can immediately name off the top of your head. For me, personally, phentermine was a lifesaver. It gave me time to reset my way of thinking about food without being constantly hungry, and without feeling like I was going without - it let me sever my emotional relationship with food. I’ve been off of phentermine for 4 months or so, and I still don’t get food cravings (I used to ‘want’ KFC or ‘feel like’ biscuits and gravy). Now I just see food as numbers, and I feel calm and centered around it. There’s no sense of urgency to eat, it’s just a thing I have to do every day, like putting in my contact lenses or gassing up my car. Phentermine liberated me.

    I still stay between 1200-1500 calories daily, and I swim. That’s it. Drink a TON of water, it aids with the weight loss - dehydration causes gains! And make sure you’re eating enough, you may have to force it some days, but don’t get ‘used to’ 700 calorie day’s because you can’t sustain it. Phentermine gives you the gift of time, use it to figure out healthy recipes you can make, what meal times work best, and use it to wean yourself from bad habits. I figured out that a high protein breakfast, big lunch, small dinner, and intermittent fasting work AMAZINGLY well for me. Good luck!
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    Hi there! I lost 56lbs in 9 months last year. After that I hit a plateau that lasted four months. I used phentermine prescribed to me by my doctor to push me out of my rut, and I do have to say it’s done its job. I started taking it the last week of April and have lost 15lbs. I’m not sure how much of that I can attribute to the Phentermine, but it did encourage me to get back on track with my food tracking and activity. I haven’t experienced too many side effects. I get pretty dizzy sometimes if I stand up too fast. I feel like it’s given me the boost needed to finish this out on my own. About 30lbs from GW right now.
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    Worst thing ever for me it made my weight spiral out of control I gain so much weight .
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    Please be careful. It will temporarily help you lose weight, but in the long run it can do a lot of damage to your heart.