What’s your “weird” exercise habit?



  • IamGilesB
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    I sing my abc's when jumping rope.. In my head tho.. It'd just be wieerd out loud.. 😁
  • strshllw84
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    I do squats at the kitchen sink. Not sure why I started to but its usually at random times.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I agree with those who say no to workout clothes at home. I wear sport bra and underwear, I don't do shoes unless I use my treadmill. I have to get a workout in in the morning or I just feel "off". Even in a hotel without a fitness room, I worked out in the room and ran around the parking lot. Thank goodness my friend is a heavy sleeper and doesn't care if I do a video while she sleeps! I take my laptop with me to do workout videos when not at home.
  • mutantspicy
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    IamGilesB wrote: »
    I sing my abc's when jumping rope.. In my head tho.. It'd just be wieerd out loud.. 😁

    Nah dude it would be way better if you sang em out loud! SANG IT OUT LOUD my friend.
  • adortiz1990
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    I love all these and I got lots of new ideas! Lol. For those that said they don’t have weird habits, everyone does. You just haven’t noticed yours yet. Lol.
  • PaperDoll_
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    IamGilesB wrote: »
    I sing my abc's when jumping rope.. In my head tho.. It'd just be wieerd out loud.. 😁

    lol I do this too. But I'll sing it in English and French.
  • vegmebuff
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    Every morning I do side leg lifts/squats and lunges while I floss and brush my teeth. It's my little warm up before I do my morning exercises.
  • adortiz1990
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    Resistive wrote: »
    I do a modified burpee!

    I come home, head to the couch and collapse. When I need to get up I roll myself off the couch, hit the floor then get up. Repeat!

    That’s my type of burpee! Lol
  • lorenzoinlr
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    edited June 2018
    I check the gym population. If it's kinda crowded I leave and come back.

    I also time my intervals by verbally setting a timer on my I-phone. If it messes it up and I have to do it again I'll often insult the phone.
  • jessef593
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    Follow my structured program everyday. Every rep every set. Even If I'm dead after a 12 hour shift
  • acbraswell
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    Another one I realized last night - When I'm running, I can't stop my run with an odd number, for example, I got to the end of my route last night and it was at 2.84, so I had to go .06 more to have 2.90. Sorry to the lady whose yard I randomly turned around at while she was working in the yard!
  • saragd012
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    I've thought of another one as well, I have to count during every workout. Even if I'm doing timed intervals I count each squat/burpee/pushup/etc. Even if I know it doesn't matter, or that I'll forget the number by the next round, I have to count.
  • FL_Hiker
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    I'm a lap swimmer 5 days a week at our community rec center.
    When I'm done with my work out I spend about 5 minutes swimming like a dolphin, pushing off the bottom on the pool to see how high I can get, floating on my back as I enjoy the peace and stillness and doing a couple of goofy water aerobics moves from high school days. Really just playing in the water like a kid.
    It took a few weeks for the weird looks from lifeguards and other swimmers to stop but I don't care, it's my favorite 5 minutes of my day and I ain't stopping.

    Totally relate to this 😂 it's fun swimming goofy after swimming with structure and form for hours!
  • VUA21
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    I rock back and forth, heel to toe when waiting for something or in line. I rock back & lift my toes, forward and lift my heels. I've done this since I was a small child, I can say that I've always had great calf muscles.
  • Leannep2201
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    I’ll randomly count sets of 100 steps when I’m out for a walk.... not constantly, but I’ll often do this several times while walking.
    After a count of 100, I’ll go back to singing along to whatever track is playing through my earphones.
    Obviously all this happens in my head.... would hate to think of the looks I’d get otherwise!!! 😂
  • Arizona_C
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    I tighten my abs whenever Im in public transport.

    I'll stand by a barre in the middle section of the bus or tramway, holding on with just the fingertips. Tighten my abs, then raise on tiptoe to work my balance at the same time
  • dhiammarath
    dhiammarath Posts: 834 Member
    I have a number of weird little habits.
    • I can't stand still -- in lines or talking to coworkers, I sway, shift, bounce on my toes.
    • I walk circles around my husband when we go on our walks. Not only does it get me frowns, but then he tries to grab me and I run away. Only to wait up for him and when I start tugging ahead (I walk way faster naturally than he does), the dance starts again. He laughs, I laugh.
    • I chicken dance when I walk sometimes -- My arms are jealous of my legs, getting all the workout, so they swing. Or flap or whatever. Or air punch because it makes me feel awesome.
    • I have a tendency to walk a few paces, jump a few paces, skip a few paces, walk a few paces... etc, etc.
    • I have the worlds smallest bladder, so I wait until the LAST possible moment to go, but before then I do the pee-pee dance for a good half hour before I finally rush off. But there's a lot of anxious dancing involved in the whole thing. XD
    • When I'm laying on my side watching TV, I hold my arm straight up. Sometimes it wobbles a little and my husband pushes my arm down and I'm like "whups" (usually because it'll block his view).
    • I have the leg jiggle and foot tapping and hairband-wrist-snapping going on too.

    These are the ones I can think of consciously. I'm sure there's more. I'm pretty twitchy. XD

    But. If I sit down and manage not to move, I'll fall asleep 9 times out of 10.