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Hi Everyone!

I travel quite a bit for work (mostly International) and would love advice on how to stay within my macros while "on the road". My situation: I generally meet customers & distributors, who LOVE to go out to eat. It is hard for me to make the best choices when there are so many new and tasty options available... Maybe I need an accountability partner? Or maybe there is a tip I can use when dining out? In need of some great ideas!

Thanks in advance!!


  • kommodevaran
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    I would use my appetite to guide me towards what to eat, and my common sense to decide how much to eat. (In fact, that is what I do.) This means that "my macros" should be just that, a flexible, back of your mind, rule of thumb guideline - "how does a balanced and delicious meal look like".
  • lorenzoinlr
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    I found business travel and dining out the greatest challenges. My solutions? Grocery store stops for things like carrots and apples and munching a bit before meals which reined me in where I could order salads with a protein instead of going for it. I also avoided alcohol and got up early and worked out.