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Aiming to lose 100+ lbs



  • KiwiGirl91
    KiwiGirl91 Posts: 43 Member
    Yay :) adddee all of you!! Let’s do this together!!
  • LaurenMT96
    LaurenMT96 Posts: 184 Member
    I started at 259 in Feb 2018, currently at 204. Not sure what my goal weight is, somewhere between 160-170 but not sure really, i'm 5'7. I thought the first 50lb was hard, it wasn't!! the latter half of my weight is proving to be the hardest/most frustrating to lose!
  • iRyanS
    iRyanS Posts: 42 Member
    Good luck with your goals! I'm aiming to lose 200 pounds.

    SW: 425
    CW: 354.5
  • 6raham
    6raham Posts: 147 Member
    I too was considered obese at 242lbs in January, I'm now overweight at 167lbs and hoping to be normal (147lbs) by September! Stay focused, keep your food diary every day and slowly increase your exercise. Most importantly enjoy your progress!
  • const155
    const155 Posts: 8 Member
    SW here 212...trying to get to 155....walking daily and tracking my 1200 calories....anyone can add me
  • kwgrych
    kwgrych Posts: 2 Member
    Just started this past week at 237, I want to get to get down to 170 then I will set another goal weight to 150. I agree let’s do this together. We all need to cheer each other on!!
  • nemissa330
    nemissa330 Posts: 1 Member
    I started around 302 lbs, Now at 275 and onwards to at least 165!
    It might take awhile but years of bad decisions being "canceled" out in about years time seems like a decent trade off.
  • times60
    times60 Posts: 204 Member
    Please add me. I have over 100lbs to loose and looking for motivation. We can help each other. I love having friends that understand

  • PumpkinPeril
    PumpkinPeril Posts: 22 Member
    I'd love to have more friends on a similar path. I'm working on one small goal at a time on a life long path of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Started at 275 and currently at 264. Being 5'8" means that my long term goal will be ~160.

    One day at a time n.n
  • BrSpiritus
    BrSpiritus Posts: 190 Member
    I started out at 396 and have gone down to 377 so far, my goal is 200. Going to be a long journey I'm afraid.
  • TheRedQueen1981
    TheRedQueen1981 Posts: 258 Member
    A long journey must begin somewhere. :)
  • ljsmith1
    ljsmith1 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I am ready to make some big changes and would love some help and to help others. I also have 100+ pound goal.
  • RickABR
    RickABR Posts: 2 Member
    Hey. Great to find you all

    I´m 30, SW 298, CW 246, GW 187-ish. I´m 5'10 (178cm).

    Currently working out 6x week, tracking calories and macros...

    Feel free to add. I´ll help in any way I can!
  • Sassyk35
    Sassyk35 Posts: 113 Member
    Hi I'm 38 5'2 Sw 274 cw 267 ultimate gw is to be under 200lbs. We can all do this ladies <3
  • tnkinsel
    tnkinsel Posts: 1 Member
    Would love to be apart of this group!!! Wanting to lose 100 pounds and really don’t know where to start. I used to be really active and never had a weight problem until my father passed away in 2007... I gained over 80lbs in less than a year and never got all of it off. Since then I have had 2 beautiful little girls and was placed on bed rest so I have to get this weight off of me. Anyone have any tips on where to start? What diet or excercise I should start with?
  • TheRedQueen1981
    TheRedQueen1981 Posts: 258 Member
    You could maybe try searching for the HASfit beginners aerobics routines on YouTube. I’ve been doing them and they’re great since they’re low impact and a nice way to get started.
  • aabincalif
    aabincalif Posts: 1 Member
    I’d love to join you! I just joined 2 days ago, SW is 289. My goal is 180. I would love the support. I’ve done this once before and kept it off for many years and know it can be done. But it’s easier together!
  • delaneycoelho
    delaneycoelho Posts: 1 Member
    I'd like to join!