Reviews for the Fitbit Versa?

Thinking of buying a Fitbit Versa but its quite expensive. I have a HR Monitor watch that I only wear when I workout and I have an old fitbit zip but I hate having to buy a new battery every couple months.

Just looking to reviews.. I worry it is too big and bulky.


  • AnvilHead
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    DCrainmaker does the best, most in-depth reviews of fitness devices you'll find anywhere. Here's his review of the Versa:
  • ashliedelgado
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    I don't find it too big/bulky. I think that I definitely do not use it to its potential, and probably should have just stuck with my alta hr. I like that I can tell it what kind of activity I am doing, and I like that it tracks my cycles so I don't have to have a separate app for that. I think it's definitely for people who are a little more into their physical activity than I am but I'm happy with it.
  • Nativestar56
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    What do you want to get from it? It could be a different, cheaper model will do everything you want. I've seen a few people wearing one, doesn't look big or bulky to me.
  • buffinlovin
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    I thought it would be huge but after wearing it for a day I barely even noticed it. I upgraded from a Charge Hr2.

    I used to get a rash while wearing the charge HR2 because there is a part on the back that protrudes (it's not totally smooth/flat), and in that spot my skin would get really irritated. I have not had this issue at all since getting the Versa because it is a smooth flat surface.

    Another thing I like is some of the different clock faces. I found one in their FitBit Labs that is a pet cat (they have 2 versions of the cat, and 2 dogs), and to feed the cat you need to walk your steps. If you miss walking your steps the cat runs away and you have to "feed" it so many times to get it back. I find this very motivational because I never want my cat to run away. it's the little things lol

    I also enjoy being able to store some music so I don't have to carry my phone with me on my walk.
  • Slowfaster
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    Got one for a birthday present and none of us could figure out how to program it so we retuned it. LOL
    I find just logging my calories to MFP on the computer is all the control I really want.
  • amandarawr06
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    Thanks everyone! I think I am going to go ahead and order one! I appreciate the links and comments 😊😊
  • Dani9585
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    I love mine!
  • shronpurser2
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    Love mine!
  • Debgreasby2018
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    I am in love with mine!
  • Edan718
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    The Versa is my favorite device by far! :)