Injured and looking for ways to exercise

Hi all,
My Doctor put me in a walking boot for 6-8 weeks due to a lovely foot injury. I really want to lose weight and exercise is a MUST when trying to drop pounds. I'm focusing on my food intake currently, but can you think of a way I can burn some calories while still in this big ole boot? Any ideas are appreciated!


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    If you have access to a gym, there are lots of weighted upper body movements you can still do! Lat pull-down, weighted row, biceps, triceps, bench press, medicine ball sit-ups etc. In terms of bodyweight, you can still also do a lot of ab movements: bicycle crunches, medicine ball sit-ups, russian twists, flutter kicks, etc. Don't forget about resistance band work- lots of PT patients get resistance bands to practice with and don't realize how many applications they have! My gym doesn't have one, but some may have an arm bike that you could use for cardio! Most doctors and PTs still encourage careful exercise, depending on the injury, so if you're in contact with a PT, definitely use them as a resource! If at any point, if something causes you pain or worries you, don't push it, make sure you clear it with a medical professional.
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    malibu927 wrote: »
    Exercise actually isn't a must. But healing is also important. You may want to switch to maintenance until you're cleared to resume normal activity.

    She's so smart!
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    What Malibu927 said. You don't need to set yourself back any further. If you absolutely feel you need to exercise, which you don't, get permission from your doctors and better get them to prescribe some PT so you access to a proper facility equipped to deal with you and not cause further injury, also maybe the insurance will pay for some of it.
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    You will still lose weight as long as you're eating at a deficit, as stated above. Exercise is healthy, yes--necessary for weight loss, no. Also agree that you need to focus on healing, first and foremost.
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    Exercise isn't necessarily a must, but yeah it does make everything a whole lot easier. I totally get you - I did "laps" around the mall while on crutches, and was at the gym working the very day I got my boot. Most upper body exercises can be done seated or kneeling and will likely be your best bet. I was also able to remove the boot and do most "ab" exercises. If you have access to a pool, ask your doctor or PT about doing water exercises or pull drills (swimming without the kicking).
    But seriously, check with doctor or PT before doing anything. I know 6-8 weeks sounds like an eternity, but it's not all that bad. You might want to focus on maintenance during this time, but more than anything you just have to be on point with your food intake.
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    Cycling on the flat is surprisingly easy, I cycled with a fractured ankle on the flat, in a cast, and it was fine.
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    water, water is great for recovery.
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    Workouts in the pool are great with just about any type of injury. I'm dealing with a strained bicep tendon and I can still go to the pool. I just can't do a regular freestyle stroke right now.

    Put on a water belt and do deep water aerobics or use a foam noodle or buoy dumbbells. Most pools have these available. You can do all kinds of things like crunches, planks, push-ups, arm workouts, etc. without putting any weight on your foot. You can also ride the noodle like a horse and slowly "jog" or even just use your arms to pull yourself back and forth across the pool. It's a better workout than most people think.

    There are also plenty of yoga poses that you can do sitting down without putting weight on your foot. Stretching will keep you mobile while you heal.
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    Thanks all! I really appreciate the tips. It's so frustrating being in this boot for the summer. I am going to visit the local pool and try to focus on abs/upper body while my foot heals.
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    Would chair yoga interest you?
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    DDP Yoga has a chair force program that is fantastic.