What Annoys You (About Yourself)?



  • Mrsindepenant1
    Mrsindepenant1 Posts: 196 Member
    I hate that I have permanent *kitten* face and everyone thinks I’m grumpy and serious, my close friends that know the real me, know how loose and fun I can be and how very not serious I am
  • Moolatta
    Moolatta Posts: 29 Member
    I’m a terrible driver
  • skctilidie
    skctilidie Posts: 1,405 Member
    I'm an overthinker.
    I'm extremely sensitive and I am way too hard on myself.

    Me and even more me.
  • nettiestuart91
    nettiestuart91 Posts: 4 Member
    nooshi713 wrote: »
    I have insomnia.

    It sometimes takes me a minute to get a joke.

    I have to use step stools.

    I get lost a lot, even with GPS.

  • nettiestuart91
    nettiestuart91 Posts: 4 Member
    Omg we are twins !! All my GPS says to me is rerouting rerouting you/turn . I get no jokes ! I feel dumb 90% of the day I try to be more confident but the harder I try the worse things get lol
  • Mandylou19912014
    Mandylou19912014 Posts: 200 Member
    I annoy myself when I constantly compare myself to woman who have (in my eyes) unreal and amazing bodies. And I start to feel very inadequate and unhappy in myself. I shouldn’t be doing this! But I do :(
  • Fit4Life_79
    Fit4Life_79 Posts: 93 Member
    I'm too sensitive, I overthink, and I'm too introverted.
  • AmberGlitterSparkles
    AmberGlitterSparkles Posts: 699 Member
    I’m always putting myself last. To the point where I miss out on doing what I love.
  • Breezybreeze7
    Breezybreeze7 Posts: 1,044 Member
    I’m not afraid to ask questions or voice my opinions; therefore, I always end up being the one who says what the whole room wants to say but wouldn’t say. It gets me in more trouble that I want to be in.
  • bhadbahabi
    bhadbahabi Posts: 575 Member
    I annoy myself with my avoidance of everything. I know what I should be doing but I always avoid it in the end and all that does is ruins my life.
  • Muscle_for_Fitness
    Muscle_for_Fitness Posts: 2,198 Member
    The immobility in my shoulders
    My extreme awkwardness when meeting new people
    The fact I can't remember someone's name 2 minutes after they tell me
    My big ears
  • rickiimarieee
    rickiimarieee Posts: 2,212 Member
    My mood changes constantly.
    I’m very very sweet when I’m drunk.
  • kds10
    kds10 Posts: 450 Member

    I am wishy-washy...I find it hard to make a decision..I will go back and forth in my mind and ask other people.

  • ssss6813
    ssss6813 Posts: 74 Member
    My height, I'm 4ft 11and a half
  • AngryViking1970
    AngryViking1970 Posts: 2,848 Member
    I'm kind of lazy.