At home cardio! ;)

I enjoy the gym, working third sometimes I have to stay at home with two kids. Does anyone have pointers, YouTube videos, or workouts that will get my heart beat going for a good at home workout routine? I have belly fat I am trying so hard to lose! Thanks!


  • JSUClay
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    I’m looking to buy a battle rope for home for just that purpose!
  • emmamcgarity
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    I like the Leslie Sansone videos for Walk Aerobics. It doesn’t not require a lot of space and is convenient for me. HASfit has good YouTube videos for strength training
  • Go_Deskercise
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    Look up how many calories are burned jumping rope and then go buy one!
  • lorrpb
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    Battle ropes and jumping rope are fine, but many people cannot do these activities for more than a few minutes. I suspect OP is looking for a little longer workout. There are even you tube workouts that include your kids, but I don't know the exact names. You'll get lots of useful suggestions here or by searching older threads. This topic is discussed often.
  • shadow2soul
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    Fitness blender (free videos to stream)

    Some Dollar Tree locations have a bunch of Jillian Michaels DVDs (automotive aisle, bottom shelf). So that could be worth a check if you have one nearby.

    Keep - Home Workout Trainer (free iPhone app...bonus no ads)

    DailyBurn ($19.95 a month) and Beachbody on Demand ($14.95 a month) are also options for home workouts. Both services offer discounts if you pay for more than a month in advance. Groupon currently has some discount offers for Daily Burn (3 months for $25 or 6 months for $50).
  • govenderd1
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    Do skip rope. Add a few extra minutes each day and watch your stamina grow
  • snemberton
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    Are you specifically wanting cardio to fit into a routine you have, or would you be open to body weight strength options too? Nike Training Club is one of the apps I saw that would be a good 30 minute no equipment needed workout.
  • rheddmobile
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    I like Zumba, you can probably find a routine on YouTube to your favorite music. Personally I like Bollywood Zumba! It's also great to fit in around activities because you can do a song when you have time and then another one when you have more time. Recent studies have found short bursts of activity are just as effective for weight loss as longer ones which add up to the same duration.
  • lizziebeth1028
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    I love Pahla Bowers youtube channel! She's awesome! Jessica Smith's channel is good too!
  • DancingMoosie
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    Shaun T posts his 30 Max Challenge videos on youtube. 30 min a day, high intensity. I also look for any by Kendall Hogan or Chris Freytag, they tend to be pretty good. has a lot of good videos. You should also check your library. They might have some good workout dvds or offer Inter-library loans. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  • beachbody4l
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    FitnessMarshall is amazing. He gets me motivated and laughing.
    Blogilates will kick your *kitten* but you will see results quickly with her workouts.

    Those are my two fav but also oldies like Billy's Bootcamp and even cheesy Richard Simmons is fun.
  • DancingMoosie
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    Oh, yeah, lots of Billy Blanks tae Bo is online. I like the advanced one without bands.
  • Candyspun
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    I use a hula hoop and I also have a cheap step for cardio. I just put on some good music and off I go.
  • jadamuriel76
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    You could purchase an inexpensive step, stationary bike or treadmill for use at home. If you don’t want to make a purchase like that right now, jumping rope is a good option as some others have mentioned above.
  • scorpio516
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    I assume you mean within the confines of your home.

    I put my bike on a trainer and use trainerroad. That's well over a $1000 investment plus $15/month if you don't have the stuff already. I also biked to the train station this morning ;)

    Little cheaper, but just as big and noisy, but just as good if not better: Concept2 rower. If you live in the right place, you might find a used one for $500. Otherwise it's a $900 investment that doesn't lose much value - usually used ones go for about $750-800 around here.
  • DancingMoosie
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    PopSugar has some fun workouts with guest trainers
  • estherdragonbat
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    I try to walk 2 hours daily. (90 minutes is "good enough"). When I can't, I have a fitness glider in the basement. And right now, I've started training for a 5K. Once a week, I go downtown and run with a group. But two other times, I get myself over to a park with a track and do laps.
  • gia_incognito
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    Blogilates on youtube has lots of great videos and some specific to cardio and belly fat.
  • bpotts44
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    Simple and Sinister by Pavel for kettlebell workouts. Nothing beats them for efficiency of workout, space, cost, etc.
  • sweetkisses143
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    Absolutely! Here is a video I made. You complete each circuit 4 times :) This is what I do and I have lost 50lbs so far :) still 70 more to go!