My body is crying stop I think πŸ’­

I at one time was going to the gym every other day 3-4 times a week but I had some family problems that I stop going and the winter ❄️ kick in and then laziness 😩. So here I am again going back to the gym, and 1st let me say this HELP! My body is like no. My goal last year,yup that long was to walk 2 miles so I tried to make up for it last night at the gym I did 1.67 miles. I left the gym feeling amazing,but today 😒. I really want to get healthy and fit and truthfully this has been the HARDEST thing so far, college was a walking in the park compared to this. Even tho my body is hurting I’m still going to the gym today. Anyone knows something that would easy body ache after a workout soaking seem to stiff me more. Thanks


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    I had the same experience this week. My winter/spring sounds just like yours, where I went from much exercise to NONE. So Monday I got on the Expresso bike for the first time in months. Typically I'd ride 8-10 miles. I FORCED myself to ride 6, and then couldn't do anything else at all. No strength exercises, which I d always do after the bike. I went home and Crashed on the couch. Even Tuesday I could feel it.

    So I learned a lesson. My heart is a muscle, and although I had a recent physical and know I don't have heart problems, I can't over-exert it after months of laziness. I've been just walking and gardening for exercise the rest of the week, but tomorrow it's back to the bike. I feel ready. Maybe not 10 miles, but at least another 6.
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    I even do just 5 minute walks it helps every step helps dont over it do it though ..
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    Another important factor is really good stretches after each workout. That includes walking. Find a good runner cool down routine. It will stretch the same muscle groups. And it will lessen the soreness you feel the following day.
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    I was hurting a lot after I started going back to the gym. Well, before that. I thought the weight I regained gave me aches in my back more. Turns out there is a crack in my spine called Spondylolysis. By the way I heard from a trainer that stretching before any exercise helps with aches afterwards.
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    Gosh, I hope that Zakiyah has figured it out by now.
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    jgnatca wrote: Β»
    Gosh, I hope that Zakiyah has figured it out by now.

    Maybe there's something wrong with the search function and it's spitting out ancient threads? Weird