Sugar goal?

tfield98 Posts: 28 Member
What’s a reasonable sugar goal in maintenance.

Currently MFP says mine is 6,000+. Not sure if I accidentally changed it or what... but that seems enormous to me.

No big deal; I’m in maintenance, but it bugs me seeing that big number in my goals!

Age: 66
Ht: 5’10”
SW: 181
GW: 160
CW: 160


  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
    Alyssa_Is_LosingIt Posts: 4,696 Member
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    It doesn't matter at all unless you have a medical reason to watch your sugars.

    ETA: Though I will say 6,000 grams of sugar is extremely high and would equal about 24,000 calories per day in nothing but sugar, so you may want to lower that goal just a smidge.