HI there!

I am really trying to burn off some weight! Im trying to loose my belly fat! I have been doing an hour to 30 minutes of recumbent biking a day and trying to make healthier eating choices. I even tried on my birthday! I have ordered some dumbbells to help shape my arms and also a perfect fitness crunch to help with my abs. Regular crunches aggravate my muscle spasm in my neck.
Anyone mind taking a look at my diary from the past 7 days and tell me if there is something i can do or change to accelerate my weight loss??



  • christybogga
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    You can do it!!
  • LaMartian
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    LIFT WEIGHTS! Cardio is okay to put your total caloric burn above average, but building some muscle is even better. Muscle cells are hungry little devils, and the more you build, the more fat they'll eat right off your body. And DON'T WORRY: you will NOT become "big and manly" from lifting. This is a physical impossibility for women, unless you use artificial growth hormones (steroids).
  • weworthy
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    My problem is I drop off if I do the same thing over and over. There are a zillion workouts other than crunches to target the abs (and the are a ton of variations of crunches too so you can explore those). There are ways to move your body that will get you fit, you just have to find what’s right for YOU. A routine that I do once in a while is:
    50 crunches (crossed arms, forearms on the belly, legs up at a 90 degree, touch elbows to thighs)
    40 jump squats
    30 push ups
    20 lunges
    10 burpees
    Maybe you have bad knees and you can’t do jump squats... do air squats... or if you can’t do push-ups, modify them. Rather than have your hands on the floor, put them on your coffee table. The point of an exercise is to work a specific part of your body into improvement... and there’s more than one way to skin a cat.