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Only using wine glasses for drinks

ChelleTrellChelleTrell Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
I just noticed this evening that I’ve been using my wine glasses for all my drinks lately. My wine glass holds 8oz when poured to the rim. I think it’s a psychological thing where I feel like I’m getting a really full glass. As opposed to one of my regular drinking glasses where 8oz doesn't look like very much. Also, I tend to sip drinks slower and really enjoy them when I’m drinking from a wine glass. Maybe its because that’s how I drink wine? Just now I literally sipped on a wine glass of GoodBelly Mango over the course of an hour as if it was some kind of dessert wine or something.

Anyways I thought it was interesting and was wondering if anyone else found themselves doing something like this.


  • kommodevarankommodevaran Member Posts: 17,891 Member Member Posts: 17,891 Member
    I agree to the above. Many tips for healthy eating revolve around eating (and drinking) mindfully - planning and scheduling meals, composing appetizing meals, using pretty dishes/napkins/candles, sitting down to eat, eating together in a relaxed athmosphere, eating slowly, savouring the colors and flavors. It used to sound woo-ey to me, but I understand now that it's not in itself enough to stop you from overeating, but to get satisfaction from enough.
  • Johnd2000Johnd2000 Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    Works well with spirits. [hic]
  • ChelleTrellChelleTrell Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    I suppose I should have put more “hahahas” or “lols” in my original post. I just thought it was pretty funny that I naturally started doing this. Sipping on juice like a fine wine? Idk I think it’s pretty funny. I guess I assumed I would get more silly responses like “oh I use the same plate for weighing food every meal and didn’t realize it until it broke and I drove to target to get a new one... weird” or “at work they always buy the same cake for birthdays so I took a piece home and weighed it just so I would know how many cals to log during office celebrations”
  • whitpaulywhitpauly Member Posts: 1,483 Member Member Posts: 1,483 Member
    I'm weird cuz I like to eat on children's plates,the ones with divided spaces also use children's untensils
  • rose2_0rose2_0 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I'd rather have the wine than juice.
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