Doesn't have all exercise options

Did planks, leg swings.... but this app doesnt have the option. How do i put it in my diary. I dont know how much calories it would cant add it on my own either


  • kgeyser
    kgeyser Posts: 22,505 Member
    Plank is listed as "plank hold," and not sure what you mean by leg swings, but there's a choice of "leg raises, hanging" and "abdominal leg raise."
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 32,629 Member
    Unless you are doing them for 30 minutes solid, I wouldn't even bother trying to add them into exercise.

    Or, if you really want to, just use the calisthenics entry.
  • peaceout_aly
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    Are you tracking to see a calorie burn or just log the movements? I usually just do "weight lifting" or "stretching" pending whether I used weight or not in my work outs and log the whole time I was active. Plus cardio. Instead of each individual movement. Hope this helps!
  • serabustillos
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    i like to use this site:
    but i do agree with the above posts, those exercises really dont burn many calories