What investments have you made to lose?



  • makkimakki2018
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    1. Time
    2. Equipment (stationary bike, shoes, 3 race bikes, jerseys, garmin, heart rate monitor, fitbit, dumbells, ab wheel, the list could go on)
    3. Spending more for quality food (vegetables, fruit, mainly low cal jealthy stuff)

    Not sure what else I'd put on the list.
  • DKG28
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    My brother-in-law gave me a treadclimber (sort of incline treadmill); I purchased an exercise bike for around $125; then a cheap bike for about $100. Clothing in different sizes has mostly been thrifted. Already had a food scale for baking my european recipes which use weight measurements. My groceries are cheaper than when I was hitting the fast food daily. Bought a bathroom scale - under $20. I buy one pair of cheap sneakers a year (I don't run). Time...I do 30 min cardio daily. Barely a blip in my day. Lost the first 40 lbs with nothing more than a food scale and an old pair of sneakers for walking.
  • FireOpalCO
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    Orangetheory membership AND Yogapod membership. I bought a mat, strap, and two towels at lululemon. A new gym bag. An Orangetheory branded heart-rate monitor so I can get my stats. Premium membership for MFP.

    I'm saving a ton of money by not eating out for lunch everyday and not buying coffee twice a day.

  • CSARdiver
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    This is a great topic - thanks for starting this!

    1. Time - after 4 years this is more about prioritization and I really don't put that much time into this anymore...still about 5 mins/day logging and ~60 mins/day working out.
    2. Cost - Gym is the biggest expense. Workout gear somewhat, but I bought 5 pairs of UA running shorts 4 years ago and these are still holding up nicely. Had to go from XXL to XL at one point, but that cost is well worth it. Did invest in a treadmill and free weights when the weather is not cooperating.

    I'll say that all the time invested has paid off and back in unforeseen ways. My confidence is at an all time high and this has impacted my work and family life. Also great to see my kids get inspired by what my wife and I do and this in turn keeps them motivated.
  • inertiastrength
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    A food scale, bw scale, I also upgraded to Cronometer premium but that wasn't necessary. My Fitbit (also not necessary but I love it) and clothes in smaller sizes. I think that's about all I've invested unless you count new shoes every 3 months since I walk so much haha
  • DancingMoosie
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    1. Time. I take the time in the morning to get my workout in, and also 3-4 evenings after work.
    2. Spent some $ on workout DVDs, not much
    3. Running shoes. Usually close to 50%off original price. Maybe 1-2 pairs per year, depends on mileage and sales.
    4. Clothes. I have an Old Navy Visa and buy most things with my bucks backs, so most items come out to less than $1.
    5. Food, like protein bars and powder. But I'd be buying food anyway, so it's kind of a wash.
    6. Swim suits and goggles since I've taken up swimming in the summer. It's more fun to wear a cute suit when you're in shape!
    7. Digital scales. I use the body one more than the kitchen one. I figure they last a long time and I'm not the only one who can use them.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    The baby carriers

    I've had to move on to toddler sizes now
    I have a size 2 integra..... Then the heatwave hit so I needed a size 2 solarweave integra and for long walks I needed a little more structure so have an in between sized wrapahula

    My boy cannot keep up hiking, he's a preemie and likely to need carrying until 6+ so being able to carry in comfort while I get in my steps is a must

    Fitbit. With it paired to mfp with negative adjustments enabled if I'm having a high pain day and I'm more sedentary (today's such a day, it's lunchtime and I'm at 309 steps) it takes away calories from my daily goal helping me to stay on track
    On the flip side if I've had a day where I've hiked for miles it adds them and I get to have extras

    Shoes. Running trainers, hiking boots and the like. Costs money to keep me from injuring myself. I have bad joints and hypermobility. Good shoes really helps me and they don't come cheap
  • SabAteNine
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    I already had kitchen and bathroom scales. And my husband's weight set at home, which he hasn't touched in like 5 years. So my list is:
    • Time - about 1.5 hr 3-4 times per week for weight training and an hour or so running. I do this in the evening so after work so it takes out of leisure and cleaning / errands time. I am not a morning person, but should start being. I also commute walk for years for about 1.5 hrs per day but I don't see this as worse than being stuck in traffic for just as much.
    • Sports clothing: shorties, leggings, sports bra. I had some tees, and working out at home in the summer I don't really need them other than for running outside.
    • Running shoes: just had to buy new ones since the old started to basically unravel. And while I am fine with cheap garments, shoes have to be good quality or else I'm benching myself instantly.
    • Cordless over-ear headphones (which also keep my glasses from slipping so double win). Would I have bought them if not specifically for running or exercise? No.
    • Food: I am guilty of volume-eating, buying off-the-shelf and eating lots of raw stuff especially in the summer, which just gets more expensive if you're trying to hit your macros and micros. Also, protein bars.

    This is a consequence, not a of losing or maintaining: New clothes. Even different clothes than I was wearing before. But loss for me happened slow, gradual, over years, so it didn't have a big effect on my wallet.
  • mickey2942
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    I have started doing Triathlons, so bikes, shoes, swim gear, fenix5s watch, gym membership, spin bike. The list is endless.
  • Biggster69
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    Bought a fitbit and lots of new clothes after losing a lot of weight. Also buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, kinda expensive.
  • kenyainez
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    I'm building a home gym....

    I had an extra room in the house I was doing nothing with so I decided to convert it to a gym. Each month, I'd buy something new for it. The first month, I painted the room and installed floor mats, the second month I bought a flat screen tv and a fitness streaming service, and so on. I had to stop building for a while because my family had to move in with me after a devastation that affected their home, but when they moved out, I started building again with installing wall mirrors. So now, I'm focusing on getting a squat rack, heavier dumbbells and a dumbbell stand. I love the convenience of working out at home and always wanted a home gym so I'm going for it. :smile: