Having Drinks

Does anyone recommend low calorie drinks for a night out? When I’m working really hard to lose weight I don’t like to have any alcoholic beverages but once in a while it’s ok. I just don’t know what to have. I love beer but that’s out of the question at least for right now.


  • Nmira09
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    shaf238 wrote: »
    Water 😂

    Hahahahaha last time all I had was water and then 1 club soda
  • sardelsa
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    I usually stick to wine. White wine is lower than red. Champagne is good too. Also alcohol straight or on the rocks.. vodka, whiskey, cognac, brandy are all nice to sip. Mixed drinks and beer will typically be pretty high so I don't tend to go for those.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
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    BOURBON! Straight! If you are interested in what brand of Bourbon, I will be glad to make some recommendations. I do not drink very often....but when I do it is usually Bourbon.
  • katphi1618
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    Personally I'd take an extra couple of km of the treadmill and have a beer.

    I'm with you. Enjoy myself then work it off. But I'm still working on the off part. Ha ha
  • JBApplebee
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    Personally I'd take an extra couple of km of the treadmill and have a beer.

    Same here. When I know I'm going out, I'll do a double at 9Round to build up some extra calories for the evening.
  • psychod787
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    Scotch! Neat, with a water back. Takes a while to savor the flavor. Could always go with a water beer like Michelob ultra, but why have a beer at all! Lol
  • Nmira09
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    shaf238 wrote: »
    Glad I don't drink so I never have to face this dilemma 😂
  • nxd10
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    I drink martinis. Slowly.
  • TonyB0588
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    Along with what you drink, you might like to consider how much you drink. A business acquaintance once asked about my drinking habits, and I told him it's usually only one drink. He thought that was crazy, because he never stops until he gets drunk.
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    I usually just limit myself to one glass of red wine every thursday night with our spaghetti dinner (boring right?) or on the rare occasion a cup of nigori sake. I've never been drunk or ever have a desire to lol, for some reason I have no problem stopping after one glass. Its a great sweet way to end a nice meal... enjoy your drinks in moderation ;)
  • JaiNicole7
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    As others have said, either straight alcohol with no mixer or a diet mixer. At home I've done vodka cranberry with the Ocean Spray light cranberry juice. But here's something that was suggested to me by someone who successfully dropped some lbs: Vodka waters. Sounds gross but it's actually not bad on ice, and if you use an infused and/or top shelf vodka.
  • SabAteNine
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    Wine is good and you can fit it easily in the daily calorie allotment. Well - depends how much wine :smiley:
    Beer is not that complicated to make work, either. A 33 cl bottle of Heineken is like 135 calories.

    When I want a long drink (which happens quite rarely), I personally go for Jack and Coke Zero or sugarfree Redbull (2 in 1 pick-me-up and dancing enhancer).