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Was it hard to know where to stop and stopping?

traleentraleen Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
After 18 months of changed eating habits , exercise and daily weigh ins I find it hard to say. I’m done. According to charts I have 11 pounds to go for normal BMI but co workers say I look scrawny. Doc agreed to a goal weight 10 lbs over the normal BMI weight. I know you never stop eating healthy and exercising and getting on scale so by stopping I mean goal is maintenance not loss.
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  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,701 Member Member Posts: 39,701 Member
    What's hard about it? Being on a diet sucks *kitten*.
  • traleentraleen Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member Member, Premium Posts: 54 Member
    I guess what’s hard is saying the goal has been reached and the worry of gaining back if I don’t count every calorie
  • dsbooheaddsboohead Member Posts: 1,900 Member Member Posts: 1,900 Member
    That is another set of circumstances to battle with....isn't it?!
    You had a great and successful habit going for 18 months but now what!?
    If nothing else maintenance and possibly muscle building with weights. A whole new challenge! Maybe that "scrawny" look could be improved with body building.
  • JaydedMissJaydedMiss Member Posts: 4,291 Member Member Posts: 4,291 Member
    thats why many say weight loss is easier then maintenance. When the goal is gone and you feel lost its hard to keep motivatio. Alot turn to fitness goals to keep on track
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  • katevt78katevt78 Member Posts: 221 Member Member Posts: 221 Member
    I told myself I was done a half pound before what I had picked as my goal weight. I changed to maintenance and have started eating more. I gained a pound which is a little tough, but I like that idea that maintenance is a range. I still weigh myself every day and plan to track my weight weekly like I did during the weight loss phase.
    I think maintenance is harder than losing weight. I struggle with eating more and exercising.
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    Good luck!
  • saragd012saragd012 Member Posts: 706 Member Member Posts: 706 Member
    I struggled for a long while with knowing when to stop. I lean out pretty easily, as I'm more inclined to under-eat than over-eat. So without clear goals I'm either soft and chubby from eating all the cookies and brownies, or I'm soft and walking the line towards underweight. What helps me is establishing clear goals that can evolve with me. For me, it was realizing what I really wanted was to look and feel strong. This prevents me from allowing myself to under-eat and keeps me motivated to stay on track. What motivates you? Do you have exercise or health related goals? Once you know what you're working for, it gets easier, and you'll find yourself enjoying those extra maintenance calories without worrying so much about "whats next".
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 6,622 Member Member Posts: 6,622 Member
    I wanted to address your coworkers' remarks. It's very common for people who knew you when you were obese to think you have lost too much even before you get to normal weight. When you say your doctor has agreed to a weight ten pounds from normal BMI, do you mean that the doctor also thinks normal weight would be too thin for you? Or is this a compromise? What do you think, does your body look and feel the way you want it to?

    What I'm saying is, don't let the opinions of people who are stuck in their thinking about you stop you from reaching a healthy weight.

    As for maintenance, I've been eating at maintenance since January and intend to log for the rest of my life.
  • whitpaulywhitpauly Member Posts: 1,483 Member Member Posts: 1,483 Member
    It is hard I'm kind of in the same boat do I keep trying to lose that last 5-10 lbs or should I just be done? In the past I'd stop counting and tracking and slowly my weight climbed I don't want that but I'm starting to get the "too skinny" comments too,I only needed to lose about 20 lbs when I started here,lost 15 of it but wondering if I'm just gonna stay at this weight,hmmmm
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