Carb Cycling

New to this concept and interested to see how anyone who is on the carb cycling health plan likes/doesn’t like it... looking for tips to increase my protein intake too. I feel like I’m always too short in calories when I am in a low carb day.

Also anyone doing the carb cycle with a FFD (full fast day)?abqcp2e1tust.jpeg


  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I have done it in the past - I had low, medium and high carb days. My low days were lower calorie - protein and fats didn't really change much if at all.

    It allowed me to have more flexibility with food choices on the high day/s which was good.
  • fb47
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    I used to do it, but it wasn't for me, it felt like a hassle. Mind you, it wasn't really carb cycling, but rather calorie cycling.
  • sardelsa
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    I usually keep my protein and fairly constant, keep my carbs low on cardio/rest days and on lifting days increase them a bit, then on weekends have refeeds with way more calories and carbs.

    It can help to prelog your day, base your meals around a protein source.
  • cmriverside
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    I used to try all kinds of rules and ways of eating. You look pretty lean in your picture - are you doing this for a specific purpose?

    It's majoring in the minors and ANGTFT.

    At least, I don't.