Favorite Greek Yogurt (In the U.S.A.)



  • Strawblackcat
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    For Greek yogurt, I probably like Wallaby the best, but it's pretty hard to find. Stonyfield and Fage are my two favorite widely-available yogurts.

    ...But let's all be honest here, Skyr is really where it's at! Siggi's FTW!
  • OhCaroleM
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    Fan of Fage non-fat or Costco’s brand in the big tubs. Nice and thick. I use it as a sour cream substitute as well. For dessert I dress it up with fruit (when the fruit is tart I occasionally add a tablespoon of maple syrup, or honey). If I am low on fiber I top with nuts or chia or my homemade granola. Yum!
  • mbaker566
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    i like fage 2% or siggis
  • Francl27
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    The only stuff I can stomach nowadays is the Oikos traditional recipe ones (the full fat stuff). Really can't go back to the low fat ones after trying those, honestly.
  • jennacole12
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    Fage hands down!
  • ExistingFish
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    I usually get Oikos Traditional (formerly whole milk, just the full fat version) because I prefer full fat.

    I do like Triple Zero for Non-fat, it's my go-to. It also has fiber. Nice touch. I will also eat Chobani non and low fat, because sometimes that is all the store has.
  • BigRed2525
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    The Greek Gods. I’m pretty sure they have a nonfat version, although I use the whole milk version.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
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    I buy the Aldi store brand, they sell fat-free but I eat whole milk as well ;) The Chobani 4% when they have it at Costco.

    When I used 0% I'd get the 3lb tubs of Fage from Costco. They also have their own store brand one but I never tried it.

    I just went to the Aldi's here in Winston-Salem (right off of University Parkway) for the first time (been here some 4.5 years....never stopped in....know this store from Germany). I looked at several things....seems like I might start getting a few things moving forward.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
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    I have seen several folks include the Oikos Triple Zero in their Meal Diary so I tried it for the first time today. I ate six cups! I liked it. Previously, I was eating the Trader Joe's non-fat Greek Yogurt. I enjoyed that as well. I will likely try something from Aldi next. Whenever that happens....
  • HelenGrace203
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    Triple Zero Vanilla x 1,000,000 :)

    With frozen blueberries or cherries...
  • DoubleUbea
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    Because Google knows all, this popped up in my feed.
    The 7 Best Greek Yogurts to Buy in 2018

    Of course it is all a matter of opinion.
  • snogintheloo
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    Siggis is my favorite. More protein than sugar!
  • ryno23nv
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    Chobani Black Cherry-Non fat!
  • Maxxitt
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    Chobani blended nonfat greek is pretty good for flavored yogurt. I used to like Oikos but I gradually grew to dislike the taste of the non-sugar sweetener used in it. For plain yogurt, which I eat most of the time, I like both Chobani and Fage, and will also pick up a tall tub of Kirkland brand when I am in Costco. Recently, I've been making my own kefir and so am eating a bit less yogurt.
  • HereToLose50
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    Trader Joe's non fat plain Greek yogurt is decent. I get the nonfat version because the protein is much higher. I get plenty of fats from other foods.

    I do not recommend Aldi's yogurt at all. It's like thick paste. They have thickeners or something in it. It coated my mouth and felt like I needed to scrape my tongue to get it off of it. The texture is all wrong. So gross. We threw a lot away. Never again.
  • DoubleUbea
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    Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi's, I would have thought it might be the same thing.
  • DoubleUbea
    DoubleUbea Posts: 1,115 Member
    I found that Walmart has really good prices on Stonyfeld and other yogurts. The Stonyfeld is about three dollars cheaper than the grocery stores in the area. Cabot and chanobi yogurts were also cheaper.
  • Safari_Gal
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    Dafni’s Greek yogurt (NY) or straggisto by Danone - really rich taste.
  • nooshi713
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    I like Wallaby
  • snowflake954
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    Fage 2%