Hey! I'm new and from Sweden!

" Hi! I just joined the community a couple of days ago and sadly the Swedish (where I'm from) community forum is... empty. So I'm going international? " - some guy from another post on the website

My goal is to get the dicipline going, eating properly, workout regulary and remember to keep myself motivated. I'm pretty much in need of the "whole package"

But the majority of you guys seem to be pretty cool and that motivates me.
I usually run to keep everything in shape and love to log it with Endomondo. So if you want to have a food + health + runner bud. Hook me up! I promise to be good friend.

Take care all! Thanks for beeing awesome. / Johannes from Sweden.


  • hipari
    hipari Posts: 1,367 Member
    Hey Johannes! Welcome to the community, and some friends are not that far away! I’ll be sending you a FR from your new neighborly Finnish friend :)
  • shanonlh
    shanonlh Posts: 20 Member
    Hi Johannes, nice to meet you! Welcome to the community:) Add me if you're interested, my dairy is open. I'm always looking for new friends so we can help motivate one another!
  • chatnoir89
    chatnoir89 Posts: 9 Member
    Hei! Johannes! I'm a Norwegian (immigrant from the United States) and would love to be friends!
  • iheartcookies2
    iheartcookies2 Posts: 952 Member
    Hej Johannes! Välkommen hit :) I have also switched from Swedish community to this one. You can add me as a friend. I'm kinda starting over my calorie counting career after a long break.