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What Annoys You (About Yourself)?



  • ShellyMacchi
    ShellyMacchi Posts: 975 Member
    I am a perfectionist. This is not a good thing.
    This ends up resulting in me leaving a project unfinished because it just isn’t turning out the way I want, OR I cannot start it at all until I’ve researched, read, learned, watched it being done, spoken to experts or sometimes even tried to figure out a batter way to do the thing I’ve not even tried to do at all yet!.. which usually means I never do start the project at all because I don’t yet feel like an expert in it.. even though I’ve never even tried yet.
    If I do go ahead and try the thing... and it turns out ‘ok’.. I have anxiety about the fact it is not a good as it could be. Any compliments about it end up with me pointing out all the flaws.
    I will never understand why people keep asking me how to do something, as I never feel competent enough to do it ‘perfectly’.
  • SwannySez
    SwannySez Posts: 5,845 Member
    Thanks to MFP, I now know that I both sneeze AND blow my nose too loudly.
  • tinak33
    tinak33 Posts: 9,886 Member
    When I have 573 notifications from all these MFP threads that I marked as favorites, that I don't even care about anymore, but I can't unmark them until I read ALL THE COMMENTS.....

    And then I keep them as favorites.
  • R3d_butt3rfly
    R3d_butt3rfly Posts: 1,127 Member
    I can be insensitive and brutally honest
  • Pour_Decisions
    Pour_Decisions Posts: 1,053 Member
    I repeat myself a lot. People constantly tell me "yes, you told me already" or "yea, you said that" or "yes, I heard that joke last week"

    I repeat myself a lot. :p
  • The_Weaze
    The_Weaze Posts: 512 Member
    That I can't get my *kitten* together and eat properly.
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    My subconscious can really screw my life up and I can't seem to control it.
  • 81Katz
    81Katz Posts: 7,077 Member
    I'm too open.