Only needing to lose a few pounds?

My clothes have been getting snug and I weigh a few more pounds than I’d really like. I’m still in the healthy range, just not happy with how clothes fit and whatnot. I also tend to put a couple of pounds a year, which adds up in the long run. (About 10 lbs more than I was 4 years ago) I’m eating at a deficit + exercising which seems to be successful so far .. but I’m curious if the weight will come off slower since I’m at a Lower weight to begin with?


  • L1zardQueen
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    The last few pounds are the slowest. You need to be accurate with your calorie counting, there will not be much room for error.

    Do you use a food scale? Do you pick the correct entries in the database? Do you exercise? How do you determine your calorie burns, if you do?
  • beautyforashes0890
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    I don’t use a food scale, but I measure everything including sauces. When in doubt, I overestimate the calories (if I eat out or something). I try to double check all food labels. And I do HIIT workouts, logging as circuit training. I only eat half back of those calories unless I’m extra hungry.
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    A food scale is more accurate than measuring cups. And since you only need to lose a few pounds, you need to be as accurate as possible.
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    I have been working on losing just about 8-10 pounds this summer to get from clothes being too tight to my ideal weight. It has been a slow process, but definitely possible. I don’t weigh my food either and use the same process as you with measuring and overestimating if I feel I should. I have also had some weeks where I lose nothing from the scale, but then suddenly lose 1-2 the next week. I think patience and persistence is key.
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    It can be slower for some since you have less wiggle room in your deficit. If what you are doing is working that is great, but you may at some point break out the food scale for more accurate logging if you find yourself stalling. Keep in mind water weight fluctuations can mask progress at this point. Patience and consistency.

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    I'm on my last 15 lbs. I weigh everything. The process is slow.
  • beautyforashes0890
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    I’ve been considering a food scale, especially if my weight doesn’t budge for the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations for an affordable one??
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    Got mine for about 15$ from wegmans. It’s the Taylor brand.
    Most useful features are
    1 being digital
    2 can do grams and pounds/ounces
    And most importantly 3 the tare button which lets you zero the scale with a bowl or food on it.

    Also weighing things is less hassle then measuring out food with cups and what not because you don’t have to worry about your accuracy since the scale does that for you.
  • RadishEater
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    And yes being in the healthy range and trying to lose the last couple of pounds generally will lead to a slower weight loss.
    But it’s a good prep for maintenance, where you will pick a range and perpetually lose and gain within it.
  • DoubleUbea
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    I’ve been considering a food scale, especially if my weight doesn’t budge for the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations for an affordable one??

    HERE IS a two minute review of a food scale by a MFP user. I picked up this scale for under $12 with free delivery. (in the video he says $10)
  • Maxxitt
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    I find the last pounds slowest because the deficit necessary to lose more than a pound and a half a month puts me below a healthy # of calories for my age, height and weight.
  • spiriteagle99
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    I came on MFP with only 8 pounds to lose, the result of two long road trips that included more junk food and less exercise. I lost a pound a week for 8 weeks, largely by going back to healthy eating and exercise. Logging my food meant I had to really think about what I was eating rather than eating mindlessly. After I got to my goal, I stayed on MFP because I wanted to maintain that loss. I ended up losing 10 more pounds, since it took a while to figure out my actual maintenance level. Also I never weigh food, so I generally overestimated what I eat, rather than underestimating. I've managed to maintain the loss for over a year. So no, it doesn't have to be difficult to lose the last few pounds.