Skin breaking out after dieting



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    I’m glad your getting in the eight glasses of water, that’s difficult sometimes. The basic water recommendation is for a basic day. Since your working out more intensely and it’s the hottest part of the summer, def increase or double. I agree with another poster who mentions working out in the heat causing skin problems, that could be playing into it as well.
    I’m sorry about giving up the fruit. I’ve done elimination diets for allergies/skin where I go without a fruit or other food for a few weeks or month and then add back in to see if there’s a reaction. Maybe something like that might help, so you don’t have to exclude a whole category.
    I’m not familiar with iodine. Was thinking maybe a supplement you already began taking could be causing a reaction. For example, when I started taking biotin at 5000mg I broke out right away. Changed brands and lowered dose and it stopped.
    I would check in with a doctor about this. Especially to test for allergy and find out what type of acne your experiencing. There’s a difference between the rosacea pustule acne, allergy/hive acne and hormonal cystic acne etc. Definitely keep logging your foods, exercise and skin symptoms to bring to your appointment so they can see any possible patterns.
    Sorry for the long post. Skin problems can be really stressful, try not to let it derail the good progress your making! Everything will be ok;)
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    Exercise/sweat/heat are very common rosacea and acne triggers. I’d guess it has nothing to do with your diet at all, but is caused by sweating and increasing your body temp more frequently. Rosacea runs in my family, I haven’t been diagnosed but my skin is very sensitive. The first few times I tried exercising outside in the heat triggered a super nasty rash even with washing right after. Look at your skin care routine and make sure all your products are sensitive-skin friendly and maybe add in a gentle salicylic acid product. Using salicylic acid regularly makes a huge difference for me.

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve always turned beet red after exercising - even before I had roseaca and when I was in great shape (I blush too easily, too). Looking back, I wonder if these were harbingers of what was to come.

    Thankfully my skincare routine is already gentle - I use a lot of Avene products + Finacea. If my skin responded well to this diet, I was hoping I could tiptoe into retinols (maybe later). I tried Paula’s Choice 2% BHA last year (it contains salicylic acid) and it made my skin even redder. However, I may have overdone it. I was still new to rosacea and desperate to try anything so I used it alongside some Drunk Elephant products. I think I overdid the acids/chemical exfoliants. 😬

    Re exercising: Do you know if it’s okay to wash your face while it’s still flushed and red? I usually wait a bit because it seems super-sensitive when it’s like this.

    Thanks x

    I use the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA gel and it is more gentle than the liquid version. Paula’s Choice also makes a lotion formula, a 1% lotion formula for sensitive skin and a liquid with anti-redness ingredients. Salicylic acid is supposed to help with redness over time but ymmv of course. You might just have a sensitivity to BHA even with slowly building up use.

    I wash my face after exercising but I use an oil cleanser. I can’t use any kind of foam or even most cleansing creams or my skin gets pissed off. Not sure how it would respond to washing with foam after exercise.
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    I know all the books say salicylate is safe but for some of us it is downright dangerous. Please if you try any product please try a small amount first. I was advised to use a standard gel for my arthritis even though I voiced my concerns, I did a sample test and found myself bedbound using more! Most frightening.

    Take care, Keep Safe. Thankfully we are all different.