Maybe 3rd times a charm!

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Hello.... I am Wes Lawrence. I was an overweight child growing up, 315 lb offensive lineman in high school, and a stress eater.

I have lived a rollercoaster life of un-healthiness. I dropped to 265 lbs my Sophmore year of college in 20056n1i9kisi27s.jpg
and then gradually climbed to 387 lbs by 2012x310yzxbf4l4.jpg
. In 2013, I started what I called a starvation diet (restricting calories to less than 1000 per day) and began walking and eventually running. I at first lost down to 280 and winter hit... gained back to 315.

I then began again and started running everyday. I was finally at a decent weight. At my lowest, 209 lbs. I was able to bike 30 miles and run half marathons at 9 minute mile paces. This was 2015-2016. ot58oukb83mt.jpg05b5mopq389o.jpg

My wife and I had our first child, a son. bbqspbzmrk4e.jpg
I slowly slacked dieting(going back to the old foods), got injured while running, and various other things. I gained back up to 325 lbs. I tried weight challenges with friends and co-workers. I would lose and gain again. 5zr663z04c2r.jpg

It's August and time to start again.


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    I understand the challenges of the roller coaster. Good luck this time around. Do you have a target date in mind or an activity that you want to train for?
    That helped me a few years ago when I needed to lose. I googled for a 3K in my area about 6 months from that date and signed up for it knowing that I couldn't even run to the end of my street at the time. But having committed to something that seems impossible made me conscious of what I did and what I ate to get ready for it. I ran it and didn't finish but my body was better because of the challenge and I was proud of myself for at least trying.
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    I would like to lose to 250 or below by December.

    First, I am going back to nutrition based foods and counting Cal, Carb, Fat, and Proteins.

    Second, Start running a lot!! I can't right now due to a surgery on my foot in early July. Maybe in a month I can start running.

    Third, I teach PE(I have a degree) for elementary school. THIS GETS ME SOME ACTIVITY.

    Besides the importance of being healthy as a goal, I would like to look the part of the PE Teacher to go along with the knowledge of PE.
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    You have done amazingly, those gorgeous children should be reason enough to stick with it. Enjoy the children and good luck.
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    Looks like you know what to do. Best of luck!
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    You have done an amazing job and believe that you will do it again. Add me as a friend. I am always looking for support as well
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    Welcome, bud. I have on a journey to transform my body and lose a total of 235. Your story is an inspiration for me, knowing it can be done. Feel free to add me and let's kick some butt.
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    Thanks for all the encouragement!
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    80% of people who set goals fail/give up within the first 3 weeks. The fact that you've achieved your goals numerous times is incredible and shows you ARE A CHAMPION! I weighed 105 in high school; thought I was fat at 122 when 3 months pregnant; and battled depression when I steadily gained until I weighed 298; and I'm a short 5'3 woman! I've lost over 70 pounds; became certified in nutrition; and now coach others while striving to meet my next goals. Bottom line, we must figure out our "Why?" Why do we have the relationship with food we do? and Why are we willing to do whatever it takes to change that? I'd gladly accept a friend request (I don't know how to send them) and join your journey as support & encouragement.