17 Lbs Down - 10 More to Go!

EliiiB Posts: 1 Member
I started out just wanting to lose weight, because I kept having to buy larger clothes. It was an absolute waste! So, I started CICO and going to the gym. That quickly changed to me doing CICO and trying my hand at running. I've never been much of a runner and the last time I did any sort of running was over 3 years ago (and even then I wasn't able to run/walk a mile without calling out for sweet death to take me).
I got serious about losing weight and getting active in May of this year. It's now August - I've completed my first 5k, currently working through C25K, lost 17 pounds, and I'm signing up for another 5k this fall!

My Fitbit Versa has been a HUGE help, as well as MFP, my husband who cooks healthy meals for me and all of the running buddies I have!

Don't give up! Love yourself enough to keep going :)