Tilted Kilt grilled chicken wings.

This reads as having 50g of carbs per serving. Pretty sure that's not even close to accurate. Is there a way to edit the listings yo correctly reflect nutritional info?


  • karahm78
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    From the MFP website (not from the app), you can review the Nutrition info. You can then click the button that they are incorrect, make the changes, then save. I would make sure you find accurate data before changing it though
  • rsclause
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    Are they breaded? do they have a sweet sauce they are covered in? 50g per serving sounds high for grilled chicken but if they have a lot more than chicken added it could be what is throwing it off.
  • COGypsy
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    Even if the wings aren't visibly breaded, it's not unusual to dust the outside with flour before frying to help crisp the skin. I'd guess that's a pretty minimal contribution of carbs overall, but could be part of the 50g.
  • AnvilHead
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    It also depends on what sauce they're using on them. Some wing sauces can be pretty high in sugar. Pretty hard to tell from their online menu, since it doesn't really describe them, and it doesn't look like they post their nutrition info anywhere (at least from a quick Google search).