Logging Woes....

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So I have issues with even opening a computer when I get home. I just don't want to be on electronics when I get home, I'm on them all day long......... so I log my breakfast and lunch every day of the week, but it's a rare thing when I log my dinner or complete my diary. Does anyone else NOT log every meal and succeed? The meals I fix for dinner usually consist of a meat, vegetable and fruit. Occasionally it's more sophisticated than that but...... I usually have at least 500+ calories left for dinner........ and if I learn from my lunch/breakfast logging I think I am pretty much staying in that zone. Unless I have wine. :smile: Anyway - just curious how successful folks are that aren't diligently logging........


  • mirnmax
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    Why not just log your dinner the next day when you’re logging breakfast?

    LOL - I suppose I could do that -- I truly am not blonde....... I'll have to remember what dinner was - I will start that tomorrow a.m.! Oh no, wait, I am in class all day tomorrow and friday and won't have access to the internet all day....... hrmpfh! I'll start on Monday! GUH!
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    Why not just log your dinner the next day when you’re logging breakfast?

    Do this =) If you are worried about remember portions could you manually write it down and then use the paper as a reference the next day?

    Also, if you know what you are having for dinner you could pre-log.
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    I frequently log my dinners the next morning if I'm not feeling like getting on the computer...at least then I know how close I was to goal, and can adjust mentally the next time.
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    Why not just log your dinner the next day when you’re logging breakfast?

    Or the previous day - if you know what you're having you'll know it all fits your calories and Macros
  • allmannerofthings
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    I keep a pad of post its on my fridge and joy down what I am having for dinner as I cook and assemble dinner. Then I put the post it on the computer screen. Usually I log at the end of the day - hoping I have space for a bedtime snack.
  • Millicent3015
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    If you have the app on your phone, you could log or pre log a meal whenever you're online and have a spare few minutes between or after classes. You could also take an hour at weekends to pre or post log a couple days' worth of meals. You can make a quick written note of what you had for dinner on what date, and log it the next day or the day after. You can also go back previous days and complete your logs if you want to.
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    I usually know what I'm having for dinner, so I pre-log my entire day before breakfast.

    (Super cute pup in your profile pic!)
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    You can loose without logging dinners as long as you eat a calorie deficit. But it can be very hard to know you are on the right track without logging/knowing what you eat.

    I pre-log. But I eat a lot of the same things so I have prepared portions of things (and already entered my recipes). Depending what you eat and knowing cals for those foods you can log the next day/that morning but you need to remain accurate.

    You can write it down on paper to log the next day. If you use a phone take photos of weights or use the MYFP app (this is what I use, i rarely use my computer to log).
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    I'm the same way. I'm perfectly fine with logging everything I eat up through the end of the workday. I'm at a computer all day long anyway, so it's nothing for me to spend a few minutes logging my food. But dinner and anything I eat after that, ugh, what a drag. No advice just wanted to say you're not alone. Either pre-log it, or log it the next morning. Although if you're not measuring/weighing your food as you dish it out, that may be a challenge.
  • DarianJP
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    If you haven’t gained any weight I don’t think it’s necessary to log it, unless you feel like you want or need too. If you’ve been maintaining the same weight while not logging your dinners that’s great! Thats good intuitive eating