Ex alcoholic 1.6 years sober, life changed.. Reached main goal.. Want to make friends

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Greetings!! An alcoholic here.. 1.6 years sober..
My starting goal was to be healthy had all life problems thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, low testorone.. Doctor told me i might not be able to have kids if i don't change my lifestyle.. Today everything is better then perfect
Reached main goal of loosing weight now i want abs
I would like to make some new friends here



Havent use forum here so apologies if i did not post it right


  • thereshegoesagain
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    Congratulations on your life changes, you look so healthy now!
  • JudyCoventry4
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    Keep it up! You don't want cirrhosis of the liver.
  • That's lovely . Now you look so great
  • jdubois5351
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    What an amazing change! Congratulations on turning your life around!!! Also, you look fantastic!
  • craignev
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    Outstanding! Very well done :)
  • mazcor536
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    Congratulations on a phenomenal success! Wishing you the very best for the future!
  • M155AUSSIE
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    Good for you, the bravest thing is owning up to your mistakes and asking for help. You look amazing and you have an outlet to help with your stress that isn’t a bottle.
  • gstaubs1
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    Well done sir. I did quite a bit of damage to my body in my 20's and 30's. Love the pics it really tells the story of how strong you are, and you look great now. Best of luck my friend. Add me if you like, Have a great day
  • CatherineLaurel
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    I am so inspired!
  • christinedlg50
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    So very proud of you! Amazing life changes! I think you could friend everyone who has responded and you can also reach out to people who inspire you! One day at a time! 🎉
  • snowyne
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    Excellent work! Please continue to take good care of yourself...you have come very far!
  • That is so awesome!! Congratulations on the weight loss and staying sober!!
  • mom23mangos
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    You are an absolute inspiration. You completely turned your life around. Congratulations on the weight loss and an even bigger congratulations on the sobriety.
  • yukfoo
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    Keep going man! Good on you! 28 years for me so there is life after alcohol. Never look back. You are now the person you were always meant to be! (very cool shirt!)
  • hikinggal11
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    Amazing transformation! You are such an inspiration for me, both with your sobriety and physical transformation.
  • melanierose336
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    Good job! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, I am 3 months sober & hope for this much success.
  • michael1976_ca
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    Wow amazing job you really kicked some serious butt
  • gulitupadhyay
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    Thank you for your kind words everyone :)