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I need help with my breakfasts. I have hypoglycemic episodes if I eat carbs in the morning. Over the last few years I've seen nutritionists who have told me I need at least 25 grams of protein in the am. So I've always had 3 eggs. 3 eggs does not equal 25 grams, but I don't have hypocalcemic episodes when I have three eggs. Well, now I'm realizing that maybe I shouldn't have 3 eggs everyday (cholesterol and all that). But I'm not sure what to eat! Anyone with hypoglycemia able to help me with ideas? Maybe I've been thinking about this all wrong for all these years. I have tried to eat oatmeal with an egg, and other breakfast combinations that include healthy whole grains, but usually I end up with an episode, or my calories and cholesterol count was really high!!! I really need to lose weight and I feel that my breakfasts are the worst meal of the day and I tend to struggle the rest of the day if I don't start my breakfast right.


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    Well, now I'm realizing that maybe I shouldn't have 3 eggs everyday (cholesterol and all that).

    Unless a doctor is telling you that, I don't see why not. The old thinking that eggs are bad for heart health has largely been reversed, your body regulates it's own cholesterol levels.

    Eat the eggs if they work for you!

    I got 23g of protein this morning from a 300kcal breakfast, two large eggs (12g), 25g of chickpea flour made into a flatbread (4g), a small amount of greek "style" yoghurt (2g) and then a few traces from onions, spinach & mushrooms. A proper portion of greek yoghurt is 10g/100g for protein so that might be a way to go?
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    I'm getting ready to start replacing weekday breakfast with a 310 shake. I have used carnation breakfast essentials but they are high in sugar and need to add milk or soymilk. I like eggs and such on the weekend.
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    As user smolmaus stated, they've pretty much reversed the guidelines on dietary cholesterol since it appears that the cholesterol you eat has basically nothing to do with the cholesterol your body produces. Eat all the eggs and shrimp you want. Plus, as long as you're eating in a deficit and losing weight your bad cholesterol should decrease regardless of what you're eating.

    As for more protein, greek yogurt and meat are the way to go. Maybe sub out one of your eggs for a couple ounces of ham. A cup of nonfat greek yogurt has about 120 calories and over 20 grams of protein, though I know not everyone likes it.
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    Maybe one egg with some greek yogurt and lean lunch meat and/or cheese combined to total your protein goal? I’m thinking even an omelet with some low carb veggies added in? I could get excited about a spinach mushroom ham omelet with a side of yogurt.
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    I sometimes have kedgeree, made with a grilled mackerel fillet, flaked, mixed with a small amount of rice (30-40g brown basmati) with a chopped up boiled egg. I add asparagus, maybe a grilled tomato, greens or cabbage. It's high in protein, low in carbs and you can get one of your 5 a day by adding a vegetable. Protein shakes also do the trick when eating breakfast becomes a bit of a chore. I use Grenade Carb Killa shakes, but I just found this drink from Nestlè called Lindahls Kvarg. 13g carbs and 23g protein in a 330ml carton.
  • I say think outside the box! You don't have to eat just "breakfast" food... you could have leftover grilled chicken, or meatballs, chicken & veggie soup, steak... the possibilities are endless. :)