Keto/IF friends

Hi everyone!!

I am looking for people who are on keto diet (strict or lazy) to motivate each others and share recipes, meals etc.. our though and so on to stay on track.

I've been on keto since 2 weeks tomorrow i will start week 3, lost 5kg/11lb so far my goal is to loose 10kg/ 22lb.


  • lgt2015
    lgt2015 Posts: 30 Member
    I am Keto, lazy since July but getting stricter now that summer is over.
  • lena1683
    lena1683 Posts: 2 Member
    I've been on keto for a month, seems like the 1st week was the hardest but i lost 4 the weight is slowing here we go again..
  • jessimmdoza
    jessimmdoza Posts: 1 Member
    I have two weeks on keto too
  • craignev
    craignev Posts: 1,247 Member
    I'm into my fourth month of Keto/IF and always happy to accept requests from like-minded friends.
  • GaleHawkins
    GaleHawkins Posts: 8,161 Member
    I have been eating around 50 grams of carbs daily of the past 4 years. IF in my case is not planned but just a side effect of Keto it seems since I can go a long time without getting hungry however I have not gone hungry in years and eat when I please as like right now. I was going for pain management at the start of this Way Of Eating but did lose 50 pounds without trying over the first year and have maintained that much needed loss for the past three years. Being very sick and 63 years of age when I started actually eating Keto in Oct 2014 my health recovery was not overnight but to this point my health recovery still is hard for me to believe some days. From what people say to me that have not seen me in a few years indicates a noticeable change.

    My learning curve lasted about a year so give yourself a lot of time but my pain level of 30 years did drop about 60% in the first 30 days of keto. To help me get off of carbs cold turkey I stopped eating food with added sugar and or any form of any grain. It worked well in my case and I am still eating that way. By the way I DID NOT lose the first pound until Day 45 but had lost a lot of fat in the face and at the waist. Not sure while it worked that way in my case.

    There are many life changing features of Keto and weight loss is way down on the list of importance in my case.

    Best of success everyone.