A Post I Never Thought I'd Make (Down 40 lbs with Pics)

I've been on this platform for years, I went from being 112 lbs just tracking calories before prom to my life getting totally out of control and at my biggest I was 220 lbs. I've seen others success stories, I think what got me motivated was I just snapped because I was tired of being fat. Looking back now I can't believe I voluntarily spend 6 years of my life being overweight. I still want to lose another 30-40lbs but I was feeling down and started digging through my progress photos. I still see the old me but seeing myself from start till now really made me realize I have made progress. I haven't posted my full body on an online photo ever because silly me thinking I was fat at 112 lbs never had the self confidence to do so. So I guess I get to be one of those in progress sucess stories I have read and seen over the years. I hope my post gets someone else motivated to reach for their goal as well. k140snazcbzt.jpg