Looking for friends also on the keto diet! :]



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    It doesn't sound right. A keto coffee a cheese stick and pickles? That doesn't add up. If your a late Eater, as I tend to be, add intermittent fasting , skip breakfast and save your calories for lunch and dinner.. what is your calorie goal?
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    I do the high protein focused keto because of heavy lifting. Happy to add anyone especially folks with open food logs. I also use a lot of data driven tracking using body scans which I post to the Keto group here on MFP. Lots of good info there and the folks have been a huge help in my success.
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    Hi, I'm restarting My Fitness Pal and am also doing Keto. When I downloaded the app a year ago I wasn't impressed but it's been updated a lot. When I first started keto I lost 15 lbs my first month then I went on vacation and fell off 😭 gained it all back and am now restarting. Trying comstantly to get those healthy fats in!!! FATS FIRST add me if you'd like! Not sure how yet lol
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    I recently started with Keto. I’m in the learning process. Reading a lot and searching for recipes and ideas. Instagram is been a big help. How do I add you?
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    I want to do keto so bad! It’s so hard getting started.
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    I want to do keto so bad! It’s so hard getting started.

    Since cutting carbs to a max of 50 grams daily is a requirement to do Keto why not just do that one thing only. Based on your user name I think if you can ever get off of carbs for the most part and start doing Keto you will stick with it for life. Different issues in my case but after 4 years of Keto and now at 67 my health is better than 30 years ago.

    Keto is so easy but I had an addiction like thing for carbs that I had to address in a cold turkey manner at the age of 63. It was a hellish two weeks in my case but it was worth it because the 40 years of carb binging quickly faded away and has not returned so I do not track or log because it is all self automated without thought in my case. I just make sure I never go hungry and I do LCHF/Keto with relative high calories however in my case.

    Remember there is only one MUST DO thing and that is to cut the carbs down to around 50 grams daily. Because I was about to lose my ability to get around very well at all and my time was running out I made things simple in my case. I just cut out all foods containing added sugars and or any form of any grain. Four years later can change the oil in my truck which I had not been able to do in many years because I could not get down and then get back up off of the ground.

    Best of success to talk to find a Way Of Eating that works for you whatever it may be. Not everyone has to do Keto but it is the only thing that has ever worked for this old man so as long as I keep my mind I am sticking with Keto.

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    I am definitely thinking about starting...I am a bit overwhelmed with the information that is out there though. Feel free to add me too!

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    Hey you can add me x
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    SylSar wrote: »
    I am definitely thinking about starting...I am a bit overwhelmed with the information that is out there though. Feel free to add me too!

    It is not hard to start. Just keep the carbs intake low, preferably unde 50grams. The hard thing for me is to overcome the sweets/cookie addiction :)
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    Starting keto again tomorrow morning. Any encouraging pals can add me as well. Support is needed by all on this journey.
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    Anyone looking to start keto is welcome to add me.
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    I’d love more active Keto friends here! Add me!
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    clrk2018 wrote: »
    I recently started with Keto. I’m in the learning process. Reading a lot and searching for recipes and ideas. Instagram is been a big help. How do I add you?

    To request a friend you click on the blue link of their name next to their picture, then next page click the name again, then hit thr button on the right rusty looks like a siloughette of two people and then add a message to them or not , optional, then click send. :) hope this helps took me a while to figure out Haha
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    I just started last Monday doing Keto. Like you I am giving it a try. Tonight I made for dinner chicken tenderloins with mozzarella cheese and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Each piece is 370 calories, P=51, Carbs=3.8, and Fat= 15.2. And also made a homemade cheesecake. Not sure that’s keto approve tbh but each little cup has 20 grams of fat, protein 8, and carbs 6. I am relearning some meals so my protein tends to be higher but created a Pinterest board with low carb meals so hopefully I will get better at it. For how long are you planning to do keto? Any favorite recipes so far?
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    Ive been using pintrest to find ideas for foods, a lot of stuff there but some fluff too - I mostly stick to the meat and cheese, eggs- I need to incorporate some fiber and not try to minimize the carbs, i feel like I’ve developed a complex toward any carb
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    I have been Keto since November 2017. I started at 92.8kg with a goal of 60kg. I am 62years old and 5'3". I reached my goal weight in a little over 8 months. My current weight is 57.8kg and I am now in maintenance mode. I still keep carbs very restricted at 20-25g net per day. My doctor suggested this way of eating for me as I was showing insulin resistance and was close to developing type 2 diabetes. I was also on anti hypertensives, medication for reflux and had Achilles tendinitis. All these issues have resolved since eating keto. With a history of breast cancer and arthritis the anti-inflammatory aspects of keto were very appealing to me and have been an added incentive to stick with it.

    I found that weighing and logging everything was essential and I can honestly say I have never had a cheat meal. I also never stalled in my weight loss and attribute that to eating clean and honest logging.

    For me this is now a way of life and will never go back to my previous eating habits.khk1w1nkwvky.jpg

    The Diet Doctor website has a lot of good free info and Dr Ken Berry on YouTube gives good down to earth, common sense info as well.

    Good luck with it all. I hope you succeed.
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    I am really interested in this. Not really sure how to begin. Also not sure what to replace food with, as I have kids and busy life style like most americans.
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    @postolache, the hardest thing is sweets for me also. I started in June and it’s actually easier that I thought, keeping my carbs at about 20 percent, sometimes slightly higher...
  • I’ve been doing Keto for 112 days now & have gotten rid of 25.5 pounds of fat with zero exercise. I feel fabulous so far. I try to support everyone on my friends list daily as I post daily as well. Add me - let’s do this thing!
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    loving all of these responses, let's keep it going, the more the merrier!