Personal Trainers with Facial Piercings??



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    I don't care for gauges myself but as long as they don't get in the way of the work out I wouldn't think it mattered. Piercing I don't even think about unless it's "Hmm, that's a cute earring, I wonder where they got it?"

    Trainer is not an office position so the dress code isn't as formal.
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    TheRoadDog wrote: »
    First impressions matter. You may cause some people to look elsewhere and you may draw some people in. Not a fan of facial piercings myself, but that's just because I am 64 years old. But I have also learned in my many years that you should never judge a book by it's cover.

    I know people in their 60s who are absolutely fine with facial piercings and I even know a handful of people in their 60s who have them. If you're not a fan, I don't think your age is the reason.

    Some people generally have trouble accepting changes in trends, fashion, or social mores, but they can be found in all age groups.

    Why can't someone just not be a fan of tattoos or piercings without it be about not accepting changes? I'm not a fan of lengthy fingernails (fake or real), fake tans, or large beards, and those were all common in my childhood and youth.

    This is a fair point, but in any case it wouldn't have anything to do with age. If someone just dislikes body modification, they dislike it.
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    I'd also add that where you plan to train out of might be a consideration. The dress code for employees at my gym doesn't allow for visible tattoos or piercings. I don't really know how clientele would react overall if they were allowed. I'm guessing that students probably wouldn't care one way or the other. Faculty might find it a bit more off-putting, especially some of the older crowd.
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    I would say to you build your business w a client base that you desire to work w. before kids I worked w strict business people...then I had kids and turned over my client base to be family friendly...then my kids were older but I still wanted a more relaxed socially aware customer I built that. its your customer base...BUILD WHAT YOU WANT.
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    It depends on what you're looking for. If appearance is most important and if you're looking for someone pleasant to guide you through a low intensity hypertrophy routine, well, talk to them, consider their fashion choices and ask yourself if you find them entertaining. There are a lot of those trainers. Pick one--it doesn't matter which. If a nice clean, upscale facility is what you need, look at the paint and decor in the lobby and consider how well groomed and attentive the staff is and whether their website is well turned out. Do you like the smoothies at the juice bar? Splendid.

    If, however, you're looking for a coach who has the skill and experience to produce results in a highly competitive sport, then you face a completely different task. First off, you have to do your research ahead of time and then meet them where they are. Bear in mind that you're not purchasing the adult version of daycare. You're looking for results. And hopefully you can impress them that you're not wasting their time. Consider the example of Angelo Dundee (Mohamed Ali's trainer). Would you judge him by his physique or his marketing brochure? He was a broken down old man with cigar in his mouth and a Brooklyn accent. Or how about the diminutive woman at the edge of the humble YMCA pool--who just happens to be Katy Ledecky. Is she going to spend half an hour answering your questions? Not likely.

    If you find a good coach and they have a few quirks, deal with it.
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    I couldn't care less, having several, very visible tattoos myself. A trainer out of shape though...that's another story
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    47 here. No. If you're in good shape--it's clear that you know what you're doing in the gym--and you're friendly and patient, I wouldn't care.
  • LilmissNm
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    Honestly that would be the last thing on my mind and I probably wouldn't notice (though I do have a tattoo). If I'm looking for a PT I want someone I can work with, someone I trust and someone who will kick my butt when needed.

    If they are preoccupied by what you look like rather than the help, support and guidance you can give then are they someone you really want to work with?
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    [/quote]Given the prominence of pierced earlobes in society, I imagine this distress response makes it hard to navigate all sorts of situations.[/quote]

    For real.

    OP I don’t care about things like that as long as you don’t smell and help me reach my goal.

  • MikePfirrman
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    I think hygiene is most important, whether you have piercings or not. As someone that worked in the food industry for years, that's one thing I look closely at. While personal training is not food, there is some sort of expectation that you take care of yourself. With that said, if someone had tattoos or piercings and otherwise looked like they tried to take care of themselves both physically as well as personal hygiene, I'd get over whatever personal likes/dislikes I had about piercings.

    I've gone into men's bathrooms many times and seen lots of men walk out (sans piercings/tattoos) that don't wash their hands. Now that's disgusting.
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    The only thing I dislike are nose piercings. Not because I don't like piercings, but because I would just start thinking of all that nasty nose gunk accumulating around a ring or stud and it would put me off.

    This shouldn’t happen if proper hygiene is practiced. This goes for all piercings.
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    Your personal preference should always be yours to express, and I think this day in age body mods are just about the norm, but you do still want to respect the house you're in so to speak. I have a conservative profession so I choose to cover up my sleeve and have taken out my facial piercings (outside of ears).

    From my observation, the personal trainer world seems to be pretty liberal in that respect so I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you meant physical therapist though and your work setting would be a hospital or clinic, then a double lip piercing may be an edgier choice.
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    Works both ways, some people might look for a trainer whos got facial piercings and tattoos, just like them, most people are there to get into shape and dont care what you look like, dont worry about it 😊
    And to be fair, you dont want people who judge by apperance in your work place, exspecially if you are training a group, with all kinds of looks, shapes and sizes.
  • Packerjohn
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    Works both ways, some people might look for a trainer whos got facial piercings and tattoos, just like them, most people are there to get into shape and dont care what you look like, dont worry about it 😊
    And to be fair, you dont want people who judge by apperance in your work place, exspecially if you are training a group, with all kinds of looks, shapes and sizes.

    And how does one screen said people out?