Seafood with keto

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Anyone have success following Paleo/Keto with mostly seafood? I'm all about adding butter to everything, but I'm not a big meat eater. I mostly prefer red meat(steaks, hamburgers) sadly I am on a budget that doesn't allow me to purchase these items each day. Looking into different seafood salad-ex tuna salad, crab cakes with almond flour, etc etc. I'm using mostly canned seafood since I live in the midwest and seafood items also are priced at a premium. Struggling to find the low carb recipes online using affordable seafood options...Any ideas??


  • dangerousdashie
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    I have a Pinterest board called pescatarian kosher keto or something like that. I made it for my pescatarian cousin who keeps kosher. I think if you search it you can find it.

    I’d get canned wild caught salmon at costco, of course it’s cheaper if you don’t care about wild caught. But it’s really good quality at costco. You can make salmon dips, salmon patties, salad topped with salmon, salmon salads. Zoodles with salmon patties. Also there are a lot of egg options. Salmon egg cups. Veggie egg cups. Fried eggs on zoodles.

    Hope this gave you some ideas.

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    In my opinion atlantic salmon has the best flavor. Having said that, also living in the midwest (central Wisconsin). we can buy Atlantic salmon pieces reasonably. I skin the pieces and make salmon patties with fresh salmon and they are the bomb!! Totally keto, totally low carb, totally tasty!!
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    I find it strange you are allowed butter, which is made from milk, but not milk cheese or yogurt. Find the oldest cookbook for your area, family, secondhand store or library, and see what they ate for ideas. The older the better, pre 1950, they ate tail to nose and veg in season. A lot of the meat recipes can be done in slow cooker, cheaper cuts with spices for flavour.
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    A quick cheap store cupboard fish recipe I learned from a girlfriend. Fry up some sardines in the oil from the tin. Serve with a wedge of lemon.