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    I keep an open diary and am active daily. Feel free to add 😁
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    shaf238 wrote: »
    Feel free to add 😉

    Lol shaf we are already friends ❤
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    You can add me 😊
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    You can add me
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    Hello!! Me too

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    Add me, I’m new and i need all the help I can get!😂
  • CrystalThomasMCC
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    I've been using MyFitnessPal for years but did not realize I could going to this community & find Fitness Pal friends😊 so super excited & really need some. My Crystal I'm from SC & have 4 BabyLoves💓 working at losing the baby weight once again but the older i get the harder it seems lol but i took a healthywage challenge & made a bet on myself to lose 45 lb by May 2018. Need all the motivation I can get I'm looking for friends. Oh ps. Breastfeeding my little girl she's 8 months old and I'm finding it hard harder to say to lose the weight. So they say breastfeeding helps. Apple cider vinegar help me keep from plateauing last time after losing the weight with my Joseph but with me breastfeeding and it being unfiltered doctor advised to wait. My diary is open
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    I'm always looking for supportive friends. Anyone can add me!
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    My little girl is 9 months, and I’m breastfeeding too! Go ahead and add me! My goal is 35 lbs by March 2019!
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    Same! Add me!
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    Sup. I'm bre. We're in this together eh?